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By Anonymous
Pretty disappointing that you get literally nothing for beating this. I mean, what’s the point?
By Anonymous
How do I get this gauntlet?
By Anonymous
Winner gets nothing
By Anonymous
Yeah it pisses me off I do almost 24 hours of just fighting not including breaks to calm down food and sleep and I get nothing i think i was in so much shock that i didnt get anger for another hour
By Anonymous
Guts and Glory, what else do you want?
By Anonymous
I think it’s poetic that there’s no reward. The FromSoft world is filled with warriors that throw themselves at insurmountable odds for no reason but to prove their own strength
By YueOrigin
Last anon is dumb, I want meself a shiny new sword !
By Anonymous
An optional trophy would have been great, as a proof of our success.
By Anonymous
To get this gauntlet you need to clear the other three
By Anonymous
To prove your own skill maybe?
By Anonymous
I hay software why don’t you add a new sword that is golden the whole thing is golden
By Anonymous
If you don’t put anything in they will be mad since it took them like 2 hours and they got nothing I mean like come on
By Anonymous
So I have ideas I’m not a robot but what you need to do is give them a new rare metal and you need ten and you will give them 3 each time they complete this so you should put it in anyways I’m giving you ideas software so maybe you will put them in.
By Anonymous
finally beat this gauntlet and just kinda sat there for a minute when nothing popped up on my screen afterwards :(
By Anonymous
same just beat it today after beating the other three yesterday
By Anonymous
All that for nothing? Jesus, you're killing me From Soft.
By Anonymous
the reward is pride
By Anonymous
and you're gonna do it anyway
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By SlaveKnightKos
This is one of those things where any tangible reward only ruins it by encouraging people to do it that have no place in doing so.
By Anonymous
I mean like you could a special tipe that you can change into the bodies of your enimis and you still ckeep your mortal blade and your Samiri