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By Anonymous
so i need to kill owl(father) isshin,ashina emma and sculptor no wonder i dont get the guanlet
By Anonymous
i'm confused: i went for the purification ending in NG and beat owl father there, and in NG+ i went for the shura ending, except every boss in the gauntlet is showing up except for owl father
By Anonymous
i tried owl father's reflection of strength and he still hasn't shown up
By Anonymous
I only have the divine heir and the serverance one, but I also want the shura one and if I start ng+ will I still have access to them? If so can I access them right at the beginning or only after beating the final boss
By Anonymous
Yes, they carry over to ng+. However they do not carry over to a new game file
By Anonymous
Fun fact: if you have yet to die by the point of unlocking these you'll go in with one life. Be sure to die to capitalize on them free tooth crunching revives.