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best looking costume BY FAAARRR sorry emma
Sekiro: Ashen One Edition
If you have this skin its because you dont have life
Maybe so, but at least I have the skin
cheat engine bro
Bro, its really easy this challenge-
If you keep posting comments like this, you're a degenerate with no life.
I think you are just mad you died one too many times in the Gauntlet ;)
look at what this skin does to your eye in the dark areas gives u a cool looking red demon eye
Only cringe sweats use this outfit, tengu nipple fit for life hesitation is defeat losers
To unlock the gauntlet for this outfit, you must kill Isshin Ashina, Emma, Demon of Hatred, and Owl (Father). Once the Shura Gauntlet is unlocked, then you've got to beat these bosses again, but this time with Owl having new moves and more aggression.
Heh, now this outfit fully embodies my hatred for the world.
I will not hold back!
Would be perfect without the embers. They are a bit much imo
i think the embers make the costume look waayy cooler