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By Anonymous
Killing him aggros all goblins in the goblin camp even when killed stealthily. Fix please? This makes killing the other two leaders stealthily pointless since the quest will end in combat no matter what you do.
By Anonymous
It is possible, tho tricky, to kill him without triggering combat. However, everyone still becomes hostile.
You can split the party, speak to Halsin and fasttravel away without killing everyone.
Hopefully will be actually stealthable in full release.
Careful not to punt him into a deep, bottomless hole. You cannot find his body later in the Underdark sadly. My experience:
By Anonymous
I think he will be a Paladin (and Minthara a cleric) in the full game. Even has the aura already haha
By Anonymous
What bottomless pit?!?
By Anonymous
When he sits on his throne there is a pit to the right that you can knock him into. Just happened to me on accident.
By Anonymous
Anyone know if you can steal faithbreaker form him?
By Anonymous
Used command drop as he got within melee range, picked it up and trivialized the fight
By Anonymous
Wow, incredible writeup here.
By Anonymous
Shame it's literally all incorrect information for the stat table, dude has 75 hp on balanced, not 50, plus his weapon allows him to attack twice.
By Anonymous
"Dror Ragzlin will try to damage your character, try to prevent this."
By Anonymous
I like all his ridiculous quotes about the Absolute.
I wish i remember all his lines to annoy people with the Absolute.
By Grace
I might be wrong, but I'm pretty sure Dror Ragzlin is such a sexist that he'll actually refuse to talk to female characters. If so, it's an incredibly neat touch!
By Anonymous
He talks to female characters.
By Grace
Also, looks like there were some Drow hiding in the rafters that joined in during the fight? Still pretty low level enemies but a real surprise!