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By Coobekh
I feel like "Underground Passage" should have its own separate page.
By Anonymous
HOW are these maps connected? Could you mark which paths/roads lead to which maps? I.E.: Goblin Camp this way, Blighted Village that way, etc.
By Anonymous
On the Druid Grove map, there is the "Sylvanis' Grove" waypoint to the south-east of the map, just east of the "Overgrown Portcullis." Almost due south of where "Nadira" is marked on the map.
By Anonymous
So, the game is named Baldur’s Gate, and you don’t even get to visit it??
By Anonymous
Its early access.
By Anonymous
Oof. That's a big yikes
By Anonymous
Real classy you cads I see you actively scraping out the commends that point out how you havent finished anything and are declaring your game done
By Anonymous
I know it's hard to make but, all that time and only 33 quests ? You need to speed up things a little or it will come out in 2030 no ?