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By Anonymous
I feel like thief is just leveling up and not gaining anything but HP
By Anonymous
I noticed the magic initate feats don't work with thief
By Anonymous
I noticed thief can't select the magic initiate feats
By Anonymous
Usually in dnd 5e the Rouge doesn't really start to gain any noticeable benefits until about 4th level. 3rd level unlocks the subclasses in classic dnd and is where you start to gain benefits depending on your choice. Arcane Trickster gain magic, a few cantrips and I believe a few low level spells and spell slots, thief gains some expertise and skills to aid in escape or reducing the negative effects of failure. Assassin gains additional dice for sneak attacks so instead of a 2d6 you might instead have 3d6 or even 4d6 adding to the damage sneak attacks deal. Rogues specialize in stealth and preparation so their abilities and stats reflect that. An optional choice to rogue for those who find it boring to watch patrols for an opportunity for a perfect strike or risk death otherwise. The cleric sub class "Trickery domain" is alot like the Rouge class but lacks the sneak attack damage but gain magic and skills made specifically to aid in stealth not just for you but the entire group. An example of this class would be shadowheart for those who have the game and the Rouge would be Astorian the pale elf.
By Anonymous
The second bonus action is not to be underestimated - combined with Dash as a bonus action you can navigate the battlefield very effectively while using poison or drinking a potion in the same turn
By Anonymous
Also if your are dual wielding your bonus action can be an extra attack with the offhand weapon
By Anonymous
or multiclass into monk and do some truly silly damage
By Anonymous
Having an additional bonus action makes it very easy to fight in and out of stealth and manipulate the environment with your ridiculous movement potential.
By Anonymous
agree. then put some boots that increase movement. profit.
By Anonymous
Yeah, they really buffed thief, normally arcane trickster is the obvious choice considering that Fast Hands is supposed to do this:

"Starting at 3rd Level, you can use the Bonus Action granted by your Cunning Action to make a Dexterity (Sleight of Hand) check, use your thieves’ tools to Disarm a trap or open a lock, or take the Use an Object action."

No extra attack, dodge or hide, it would have been a purely role playing or flavor sub-class, now it has chops.
By Anonymous
I'm guessing you're going by 5e rules here, how is arcane trickster the "obvious choice"? on tabletop the obvious best choice is scout or buckler. in this game, even without extra bonus action arcane trickster is only good if you multi into wizard. don't get me wrong both trickster and thief are great flavor wise but they can't hold a candle to either scout or buckler in mechanics
By Anonymous
A second bonus action is really, really good for a Rogue. You can Dash and Hide, combo attack and disengage, and do a lot of other cool things. This is probably even better than Arcane Trickster.
By Anonymous
Level 5 should mention +3 proficiency (all classes) and sneak attack upgraded to +3d6.
By ShinyLopunny
The former is linked to race level and not class level. Meaning with multiclassing a level 1 rogue would gain +3 proficiency if that's the character's 5th level (like 4 levels in fighter 1 level in rogue).
By Anonymous
A little disappointed that Use Magic Device is likely not happening since it’s a level 13 feature, but the buffed fast hands is pretty welcome
By Anonymous
I kinda feel like they should just have more movement or better stealth or something.

The extra bonus action is kind of game breaking in a game with an already borked action economy, makes that players turn longer, and makes dual wielding exponentially better and DEX becomes even more meta.

That being said, the double bonus actions sound really fun for a lone wolf play through
By Anonymous
Mate, Cunning Actions are Bonus Actions. A Thief can shank you in the back and run around a house to get to the attic to shoot you with another sneak attack the next round. It's ridiculously good.
By Anonymous
Agree. and when pickpocketing. If success, go to turn-based mode. use 2 bonus cunning dash, then 1 action dash. The NPC will never be able to chase you or investigate who robbed him/her. Best subclass imo compare to arcane trickster and assassin.
By Anonymous
As someone who'd rather not have to multiclass into Thief, I'm kind of annoyed by it. Even "exponentially better", dual wielding has a hard time coming up on the raw power of GWF + extra attacks. Feels like Larian balanced dual weapons with Fast Hands in mind and they're still going to suck without it.
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By Deadfied
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This will be the subclass I use for my grenadier build. Scimitar, hand crossbow, and grenades. Simple as…