By Anonymous
Should be noted this boss is immune to sloth talisman
By Anonymous
WTH? People still use that lame braindead cheese?
By Anonymous
Yeah they do, it’s much simpler than spending 2-61847 hours grinding out an rng build th at requires 173627182847372828282726462728282938 buffs to actually compete
By Anonymous
Finally some people who share my opinion on the Sloth debuff. I’ve never liked using it myself. It just feels like the game is holding my hand if I did. But I didn’t hate it. I actually felt like it was a decent way for people to get through the game if they wanted. But in the first Nioh, when I was farming Glory, literally 90% of every revenant I fought used it. I got sick of it almost instantly. And when I’m farming revenants in Nioh 2 still almost every revenant uses Sloth. Now I feel nothing but hate for this stupid excuse of a spell. Just... f*ck Sloth, man... f*ck Sloth...
By Enter_Feelings
To the comments above. Oh no other people are not playing in the style that I'm playing, that makes them inferior and ne a genius. Grow up dude
By Anonymous
Enter_Feelings got his feeling hurt. Ohhhhh how saaaad... Sloth is literally the number 1 item used by noobs for an easy win. I don’t use it because relying on something so limited to win a fight doesn’t sit well with me personally. You know how CoD for example has the noob tube? Yeah, its something like that. Just not as noteworthy. Anyway, why don’t you let us just make fun of this sh*tty spell all we want and I promise I won’t judge you for your playstyle. I have my reasons for hating this specific spell, but I won’t judge you if you use it. I hate it and I don’t use it. That doesn’t mean I automatically hate others that do. But I have noticed that almost every other player I encountered did. And that leaves me woth the conclusion that it is in fact: a noobs best friend.
By Anonymous
I don't use sloth until I entered depth... It's so ****ing useful :) (with all the hyper armor and health regen, hit and run strategy just not working)
By Anonymous
I used my hot pots!
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By Fexelea
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I restored the description text - please note this is transcribed from the game so that is the official description of the enemy, whether it's accurate to the real world or not.
By Anonymous
Couldn't figure out how to reply to you on my phone and couldn't get to a computer until just now, but please see my response above. I reverted you before noticing the above. Not having seen the in-game description directly, I don't know if the typo etc. were actually taken verbatim, so I'm reluctant to self-revert without a response. (I also think it would be a good idea to include a reason for reverting in the rollback edit itself rather than just in the comments below the article.
By Anonymous
Sorry, I wasn't aware that that was in-game text. It sucks that the game contains such errors, but I guess it can't be helped. Feel free to revert me again now that I've seen your explanation.

That said, at least the Noh/kabuki thing seems like it could be a mistranslation (I've seen similar mistaken translations elsewhere). The Heike thing (that tsuchigumo appear in the Heike Monogatari, not the typo) is something I've seen in Japanese blogs and the like, so I suspect that might be the fault of the original writer and not the translator.
Can mistranslations be noted under "trivia"? As in, "The Japanese version says X instead"?
By Anonymous
Most annoying boss (at least till DOW) for me. I'am at 426 at can't compete against it on a scroll with Level 410. The tempo this damn mother****er is attacking and the damage output is at least in this scroll totally OP. I'm totally able to block most of the boss attacks from anyone else but after his attacks i'm totally depleted and weak against his following attacks. Really weard balancing, imo.
By Anonymous
I’m level 380. I saved up over 20 billion Amrita in my Silibar Ingot. I have very high level gear, especially for my level. And I’ve completed missions over level 500. I can definitely tell you that your current level isn’t what makes you better at the game. Any mission that is a lower lever than you still has a very real chance of killing you. And picture scrolls are always hard. The way the enemies spawn gaurantees this. You have to fight smart if you can’t take them out with brute force alone. Sometimes retreating is the best strategy. But most importantly you have to stay calm. Dying is normal, and you should always understand why you died instead of raging and missing the point. Thats just how these games work.
By Anonymous
Fighting the guy from Ninja Gaiden 2 again, really makes me wish I was Ryu Hayabusa. He never had to worry about a ki bar when being repeatedly wailed on by spider appendages.
By Anonymous
was wondering which ninja gaiden this was a callback to
By Enter_Feelings
The fall attack from quick change is absolutely op against him. 10k against weakspot on his back
By Enter_Feelings
I won't change it, bc maybe people experienced smth else, but tht gane says fire is his obly weakness