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Breath of the Ancient Guard drops from the Ancient Guard boss, but it appears to be completely random on whether or not it drops or not. Similarly with the Reaper Halberd the boss also drops.
where is head in a cage , does anyone know this?
Head in a Cage is technically in the Catacombs, but it's in a location you can't reach from the normal entrances. Instead, you need to progress all the way through the Sewer on Estuary, beat its boss, and get to the Insidious Sewer. From the Insidious Sewer owl statue, the entrance you're looking for is basically straight to the left: go up a flight of stairs, go left until you get to a place you can drop down, then go down a flight of stairs and enter the doorway.

From there, proceed left until you get to a fork in the road (up or down). Go up, then immediately go right into a room with an ambush. After you kill the skeletons, you'll see three hanging coffins you can stand on. Get on top of the left-most one and jump to a secret room in the ceiling. This room has the Head in a Cage spell.
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oh my god thx guys !!
I'm looking for Starburst compass arcane NPC . help me plz ... no NPC in Limestone way
That NPC is a part of The Twins quest.
If you already gave the quest items to Janis, then the NPC will disappear.
I'm looking for Residual Image.
It pops out during loading screen so it does exists, but I can't seem to find it.


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You can find my update here: https://vigilthelongestnight.wiki.fextralife.com/Residual+Image
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where is poison of hatred ?


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You can get it as a reward for second part of the quest 'The Twins' https://vigilthelongestnight.wiki.fextralife.com/The+Twins


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Reward for quest 'The Twins' https://vigilthelongestnight.wiki.fextralife.com/The+Twins
I'm still trying to find the Glowing Orb, Life Debt, Wall of Wind and Poison of Hatred. Does anyone have a clue on those?
To get Glowing Orb, you need Air Dash.
Go to the Lower Mine Entrance statue and look at the map.
See the big tree just above it on the map ? It's inside the trunk.
Got it, thanks.
Found the Life Debt as well. It is on the Cemetery on the right side wall. The place where two skeletton archers spawn hides a path you need to slide into to reach the item.
I'm looking for a starburst compass arcane. Help me . .There is no npc that should exist near by Limestone way owl statue . .Is it a problem that the red moon appears?
Anyone found The Twin Snakes with Double Colors?
When you leave the Secret Trail in direction of the Depressing Forest there are some wooden stairs leading up after going up the first stair you can jump and air dash to the left to find a hidden cave. The arcane item is in there.


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Each point of Arcane improves Arcane Item damage by 1.2%. (based on Weird Pot and Breath of the Ancient Guard damage)