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Get yourself a good ice res armor
Send help. Im too stupid to get an ice resistant armor that i like... playing ls and i really dont want to get rid of masters touch or agitator secret. im currently thinking about alternatives, because i spent the last 200 hors of this game sitting on MT
I just tanking every hit with my heavybowgun with Max shield plus max Guard to go with it.
Great fight. Hard, but nowhere near as brutal as Fatalis.
Still super fun tho


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As a Lancer, this one is more challenging to solo than Fatalis, due to the unblockable ice floor.
Then again, its other moves are easy to handle, so I guess it needed something to make up for it.
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why does it say master of the torrent in the flavor text? I thought that's supposed to be Namielle's title


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you're right, I corrected it, thanks for noticing!