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Holy cow she is a beast!
By Anonymous
Ushi Gozen joke is funny
By Anonymous
can i transform her like fuku? or nah
By Anonymous
Yes. You unlock Yorimitsu's transformation after completing DLC 2 main mission - Palace of the Damned
By Anonymous
What’s the name of the red blade sword she’s using?
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Historically, one of Raikou's swords was originally called the Hizamaru which he, or she in this case, renamed Kumogiri, aka the Spider Cutter, after killing the Tsuchigumo, the spider yokai ingame.

Her other sword was called Chisui, the Blood Sucker, and after killing Shuten Douji, it became the Doujigiri. (seeing a pattern? Spider cutter, Douji cutter, sometimes also translated as slayer).

Hence why her twin swords are called the Blood Sucker and Spider Cutter, and not Doujigiri and Kumogiri.
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ape did everything but answer the question lol
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Normally i never ***** about soulsborne or in this case nioh bosses, but this one is just dumb. She has: bigger range or certain melee attacks then spear thrust attacks with "stabillity" MA equipped, gains hyper armor while attackin while also being supper aggresive, has a ******* one shot grab, can purrify you, can basically enter a mode where she has infinite ki and she can also enter a mode where she gains permanent hyper armor and somehow becomes even more aggresive and cancerous. The only this that i found k
It works is that you go full kamikaze on her *** and either stunlock/burst her down or get stunlocked/one shot.Now if this isn't a bullsiht boss i don't know what is.
By Anonymous
Can confirm you don't know what a ******* boss is.
Maybe you just ****ing suck and need to learn how to play.
By Anonymous
Well since the other comment was some ******* who seems to needs to let people know he doesn't think it's ok to have an opinion let me add my own.

Omnyo works great to slow or debuff with elements, try using a bow to sneak in ahead shot when she charges up attacks (easier on pc), honestly hit and run works well to get around her long attack combos also using a hatchet or any sort of range makes it a lot easier to get hits off during those combos if you can get enough distance. Best of luck.
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The first "mode", where she buffs herself, doesn't have infinite Ki, it just regens faster. The second "Mode" is effectively just Living Weapon from the first game, and it's major weakness is that she doesn't regen Ki while in it, and once it runs out she's guardbroken. So it's a matter of blocking/dodging until she runs out so you can punish her. Or, if you're like me, throw a Caltrop ball or two and kite her into the field of Caltrops. They do little HP damage, but do a good deal of Ki damage. They work on basically every boss like this unless they fly. Especially the ones that are a larger size, you just throw it over their head, it bursts open, and all the caltrops hit them and just instantly drain their Ki by a ton.

Definitely not a ******* boss. It's just one where you have to learn when not to attack. Living Weapon is when not to attack. Her Buff mode you can get pokes in, just don't get greedy.
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Lol, now Imagine on DotN she even has passive heal. If you are not aggressive enough all you struggle is futile
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Yet another casual garbage filter.
Git gud or get rekt. She's not as hard as what she seems.
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Mommy Minamoto~
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She's basically the Satsuki Kiryuin of the Nioh universe.
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Well uh....not really no.
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anime was a mistake

this ***** is like the poster child for edgy anime characters

little to no character, cool looking skills

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I honestly can’t tell if this is supposed to be a joke. But if it isn’t, I’d suggest you just go play other games.
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It would be awesome if we can get those Iaido, grabs, and buffs as skills