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By Anonymous
can you dismiss the hand once cast?
By Anonymous
its a concentration spell, so it can be cancelled whenever
it also has a chance to disappear if you take damage, and you lose concentration
By Anonymous
The Gith and Arcane Trickster variants are summoned outside of combat and are invisible. Making them usable immediately.
By Anonymous
Useful to open a trapped chest (you need to hit the chest though, you can't just open it like you would expect). I need to try shoving someone with it also.
By Anonymous
What damage does the throw action do?
Can I summon this, drop some weapons, and the nthrow them at enemies?
By Anonymous
Got curious and just tested. It can throw weapons, yes, and throwable weapons will do their base damage, because it has STR and AGI 10. Pretty nice if you ask me, considering dropping weapons is a free action.
By Anonymous
Would be cool if this worked as Telekinesis in DOS2, perhaps being auto-cast when not concentrating on other spells - and clicking on items to pick up.
By Anonymous
used this to throw the imps off the nautilis killing them, so fun
By Anonymous
The sources don't list races with this spell (like other spells' pages do)

I know high elf, high half-elf, and mephistopheles tiefling - can all take this spell. Does anyone know if any others can as well?
By Anonymous
Also Githyanki get it
By Anonymous
Somehow in our Multiplayer Session it said that Gale needs to have a Short rest before recasting the Spell.
By Anonymous
This spell was already nerfed due to engine limitations, to now have it recharge on a short rest for casters and long rest on racial feels real bad. I understand the spell was abusable, but this is a bad fix without a longer duration.