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The third skin is a reward from the shura gauntlet, the skin is called shura
Didn’t think it would be so easy to edit the wiki, I’ve never done it before. I added the name of the third skin
I have to beat the game once to get outfits. Why not have the skins unlocked to a new game normal for the one who already unlocked? Like the kuro charm
Obviously a massive let down after 2 years. A few skins and boss rush? Kinda pathetic
they didnt add a photo mode either. they should put 20 skins.
Its free. Stop complaining.
yeah they should add multiplayer battle royale and lootboxes and a season pass that would greatly improve the game!!!!!!111!!!!111!!
We're lucky to get anything at all. They could've left this game and never looked back, but they added some needed final touches. Be greatful
hurr durr mAsSiVe lEt DoWn **** off
Imagine *****ing about free additional content that could've been sold as DLC
To be honest, its free but a lot of people wont get skins at all lol
What do i need to do to get the shura outfit? I'm ng3 and i already did the shura ending and the normal one
You need to complete the shura gauntlet
No waifu outfit :(
Tengu is pretty hot
I like how people are freaking out because FS added what basically is a hardcore mode for most players/journalists.a game that you actually need to spend time to gain the skill you need to beat this game.no more boss ganking with friends.one guy in this comment section said it's pathetic.well...its free and knowing FS,they'll add more and maybe sekiro 2 because it's such a good game.skins are a reward for beating the gauntlets and it's worth it but I guess he wants a move that one shots or something and maybe he wants a single player game to be multiplayer evendough it's not meant to be.who knows wtf people think.play it or not but not complain like a beach*
You knew what you were getting into when you decided to give Miyazaki your money lmao
Btw...I'm not a master at this game.i die a lot but I love it.its been a while since I played something challenging.BB chalices were the best idea imo and I wished FS would add some new maps and all for those gauntlets in sekiro but oh well...it's FREE.stop complaining.
Its just that bad for a game that has no customization at all
I wont play this game again
People defending this update are not the same people who have 30 outfits in game in ds, ds2, bloodborne, demons souls
The update was free. You didn't have to pay for it, there is nothing to defend. IT WAS FREE!