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When do shops restock
After each long rest


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Can someone explain the “Trade” option? Can’t figure out what it’s used for. Thanks!
Trade is used to sell items for gold, barter allows you to trade with items and/or gold



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Brem, the Zhentarim, sells you some magic items, but only if you help Zhentarim band with the quest "Finding the missing shipment".

He offered me:
The Whispering Promise ring. Volo offers the same ring in your camp.
Studded Leather Armour +1.
And Longbow+1, Dagger+1, Greatsword+1 and Warpick+1. They might be ramdon.

The merchant Roah Moonglow, who is Zhentarim, gives you a discount too.
how do you improve attetude
Gift them items/gold. Put them up for sale, don't drag in any gold from the merchant in return, and click Barter.