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If you choose a class that already has a proficiency in a skill and you choose a background that also grants the same proficiency does the proficiency double or are you wasting potential?
Wasting potential, you can't double on proficiency
Well, it's not exactly either. Classes have a list of skills they can be proficient in, whereas background just give you proficiency. Which means you free up your choices for other skills that your class can be proficient with.
I wish that these gave you dialogue like Divinity.
They better cause so far all that "custom can be just as interesting as origin" talk has been very underhwelming
i wish to have the hilarious background from Arcanum:
You were institutionalized at a young age and believed to be mentally handicapped. After several years, the institute lost funding and you were turned out onto the street with nothing more than the clothes on your back. You are brilliant with a keen grasp of numbers and mathematics, but you are barely able to talk. You gain a significant bonus to Intelligence (+6) and an exceptional bonus to your Gambling skill. However, years of being locked away makes you suffer physically and emotionally. You talk as if you had a much lower Intelligence and you suffer penalties to Strength (-1), Constitution (-1), Dexterity (-2), and Willpower (-2).