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By Anonymous
ok, so after testing, these approvals are farmable, and many others exist not listed here. for instance, since Shadowheart is the only cleric/healer I have, I want her around a lot. in camp at a point after she admits to being a cleric of shar, there's an option to ask her to tell you about herself, beyond tadpoles, etc. she says she likes orchids and can't swin. choose to ask her to spot orchids for you (option 1) and she will approve. exit all the way out and restart the conversation. you can farm this until maxed approval. unsure what that is, but so far i've seen: neutral - medium - high - very high - exceptional.
By Cloudwiki
You can pet the dog again and again, and do the same. With Shadow Heart, Will and Gale ... at the same time. It's Early Access, I don't want to add those kind of things if maybe the next week they patch them and I will have to update the wiki.
By Anonymous
Is there any way to tell how much an Approval action is worth? I've noticed that if you pet Scratch over and over in camp, the companion approval prompt will show in the corner each time but so far I haven't been able to tell if it is actually doing anything.
By Anonymous
You right click on the character you wish to see the approval of (either their image in your party in the bottom left corner or the characters themselves) and click on 'Examine' and after the character information pops up, there will be an approval rating at the bottom.
By Anonymous
There's one in Astarion's Approval Up thats wrong. 'Make Novice Crusher kiss your foot' is supposed to be 'Kiss his foot, for now' and then steal the ring off his foot (not sure if stealing the ring part is what gives the approval, or if just simply kissing it does.).

After that when walking towards the Heavy Oaken Doors that leads to the Shattered Sanctum a yellow question mark will appear above his head, you have to choose the last one answer in the dialog that says to enjoy the party and be careful of what blood he drinks.
By Anonymous
As of my playing atm, I choose the intimidate option twice, and on the second iteration where Crusher concedes and kisses your foot, I got approval from Astarion.
By Anonymous
Lae'zel approves of selling out Astarion to Gandrel. Damn cold.
By Anonymous
If you swap characters before doing an action, is the approval based on the character who takes the action, or your player character?
By Anonymous
From what I can tell it's based on the person doing the action. I tested this with training Guex in the grove and when Wyll did it, no affection was gained. I reloaded and did it with OC and did gain the affection.
By Anonymous
astarion approves if you use persuasion in his dialogue after you kill laezel during the first dream sequence
By Anonymous
Astarion approves if you use deception in the dialogue with the bird near idol in the grove
By Anonymous
If you are a Cleric and select Shar as your deity you get extra dialog with Shadowheart as well as additional approval after discovering that she too is a follower of Shar via the Helm and statue of Selune near the Blighted Village.
By Anonymous
The approval system is so similar to Dragon Age approval system.