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By Anonymous
why no transfer on death
By Anonymous
You can do this. It appears as a separate symbol in your castable spells and you just apply it again. As long as you maintain concentration it'll last until you next take a long rest (at least as of the current version).
By Anonymous
If the target dies while the effect is still active, you get the "Reapply hex" spell, which let's you cast it again for free
By Anonymous
Im new to the game and would like to understand how to play. Can someone please explain What each of the Hex spells (hex charisma, hex wisdom, hex constitution, hex intelligence, hex dexterity, and hex strength) do towards the enemy and the benefits for my character

By xarathornx
If the hexed creature makes a save for that ability he rolls 2 dice and picks the worse if nobody forcea a check(web for eex, laughter for wisdom etc) it does nothing
By Anonymous
It's a useless waste of time for 99% of gameplay and should be streamlined to affect ALL abilities automatically either as full disadvantage or a smaller flat penalty. It is potentially useful cursing highest enemy ability of DEX or STR before using SHOVE. Other uses are so questionably and marginally useful, that they don't even warrant mentioning.
By Anonymous
Kinda late to the party so I'm not sure if you'll see this, but both of these replies are wrong and seem to have misunderstood the spell, which I don't blame them for because it is a very complicated spell.

Hex's debuffs only apply to ABILITY CHECKS, not saving throws or attack rolls or anything else. Hex will not generally help you very much in combat with these debuffs because there aren't a lot of skill checks in combat, there are mostly ability checks and attack rolls. The most you'll get out of it is maybe stopping an enemy from using shove if you hex their strength, but really it's more for the extra d6 of damage if you're looking at it from a purely combat perspective and whatever stat you hex really does not matter.
I will however point out that initiative, the roll you make upon entering combat to determine turn order for every character entering combat, is in fact a Dex ability check. That means you can sneak up and hex dex somebody to enter combat, and they will roll their initiative with disadvantage which gives them a much larger chance of being put at the end of the turn order. This can be very powerful against stronger low dex targets as an opening move, since your entire team will be more likely to go before they will and can coordinate their attack much easier, and you might even get a surprise round on top of it which means your entire team really gets to bushwhack the target good before they can even do anything. This is probably its most powerful potential combat use aside from the extra d6.

Hex debuffs probably wont get to see its full potential in BG3 because of it being a fixed story with limitations from the game engine, but Hex in actual DnD can do SO many things outside of combat with these debuffs. You can just hex your Barbarian if you want to be an *******, and now every time he wants to make a strength check, say to break down a door or lift a heavy object, he has to do so at disadvantage. This can serve as a very powerful tool in a lot of story elements too, since it can potentially let you steer the coarse of the story by subtly hexing the right targets at the right time to make them mess up important actions, but we'll have to see if those situations appear in BG3 or not.

Also this game some terminology that might take a while to grasp. Advantage/Disadvantage means you roll twice and take the higher/lower roll respectively. This effect does not stack, and if any instance of advantage and disadvantage are applied at the same time you simply roll normally. This DOES NOT cancel out for imbalance either, which is a mistake people often make, so 5 advantages and 1 disadvantage still rolls normally and not at advantage.
Ability checks are when you have a check against the stat itself, being it STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIS, or ,CHA. These checks do not use a skill, such as perception, investigation, arcana, or persuasion. Those are more like subcategories of abilities and will have their own rolls defined more specifically, such as an "Arcana check" or "Persuasion check".
A good example of the differences would be lifting the heavy boulder covering the Harpers chest near the start of the game, which is a STR check, whereas an action like Shove during combat is specifically an Athletics check. Both rely on STR, but they are different rolls and can have different values due to modifiers.
By Anonymous
Currently (EA) doesn't work with sacred flame (dexterity disadvantage doesn't change chances to hit).
By Anonymous
Sacred Flame causes enemies to make a save. That is why Hex does not effect it.
By Anonymous
Hex debuffs ability CHECKS, not saving throws. Saving throws are a different thing.

So it wont make it easier to hit with fireball, or hold person. But if you debuff strength, it'll be harder for the target to use Shove, for example.
By xarathornx
If you have 2 chars who can utilise hex e.g. warlock and lvl4 warlock feat..both benefit from the Same hex..at least in some cases so thats a bug obviously
By Anonymous
Spell target can be "too high" yet within range of the spell, which makes zero sense and severely reduces the effectiveness of the spell. E.g. there are targets that you can hit with an Eldritch Blast, yet not with a Hex, because they are too high. This seems to be true of all spells/cantrips that have saving throws rather than attack saves, and I have no idea why. I assume it's a bug? I can't find any D&D rule for it, either, but I don't play D&D regularly so maybe I'm wrong. It's also possible the target is obscured, though they don't LOOK obscured, and I'm not getting the "path is blocked" message you usually get, I'm getting a "Target is Too High!" message specifically. Super annoying, because it turns an encounter that should be a 3 difficulty into a 7 difficulty by making half my characters useless and gimping the other half.
By Cloudwiki
The creature also has disadvantage on ability checks for one ability of your choosing.

Hex Str: To weaken enemy shoves and jumps
Hex Dex: To lower enemy initiative
Hex Con: Useless, there are not Con checks in combat
Hex Int: Avoid Counterspell and Dispel Magic (not implemented yet)
Hex Wis: Lower perception to notice Stealth allies
Hex Cha: Useless, there are not Cha checks in combat
By Anonymous
Basically useless, yet slowing down the casting so much...
By Anonymous
some of laezhel's attacks have con saving throw
By Anonymous
hex isn't useless, it adds 1d6 dmg to warlock's attacks
By Anonymous
DEX now is firaball save, so there's that. I'm doing a playthrough now with a bard and a great old one warlock and they hve a lot of WIS save spells, so hex will mostly be used for that. You just gotta check what resists what and think ahead.
By Anonymous
In reply to the person who posted on the 6th of Jan 2023:

Hex only debuffs ability CHECKS, not saving throws. So it wont make it easier to hit fireball or hold person.
By atletikus
Hex is a prime candidate for streamlining to limit tedious time-wasting in combat given Hex is a spell cast almost every round. Making the ability debuff automated instead of manual to affect all abilities perhaps at half rate (ie. -2 instead of disadvantage), would make life for Warlocks so much easier.
By Anonymous
This is disliked for no reason. A great suggestion
By Anonymous
Just did some testing on my warlock in game, and it seems like the necrotic damage bonus is applied to offhand weapon attacks just fine. Could someone update the wiki?