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I woke up in the camp during day time cant find a way out someone help!



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Click the camp button again.
When you press the button to go to camp, nothing happens
I didn't even know about that you could press the camp button again. I just quick traveled outta there (M key to open the map, then select from the right). Also handy if you somehow get glitched or stuck somewhere.
astarion got knocked off a cliff and now i cant revive him or remove him from my group
The talkative skeleton should be able to revive dead party members.
I go to the camp and change the group. When I wake up I never return to the spot I was when I pressed the camp button.
If I don't change the group I wake up where I pressed the camp button.
Some events may leave you back in camp afterwards, usually this seems to be when there is an NPC left to talk to. After talking to the NPCs try hitting the beds again (shouldn't give any prompt), I've found that this then transfers you back to where you were.