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Thanks dude for the update! great info, we appreciate it!


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who is the person who is clearing up the backgrounds of the screen shots, i have no idea how to clean those up.


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I was looking for info regarding the potions in the Acrid Workshop behind the Hag's house and couldn't find it so I did some testing and compiled the info myself for a mod to add. All potions require a bonus action to use, have 0 weight and a sell price of 1 gold. None of the potions can be thrown nor do they leave any liquid effect the the ground when destroyed.

Broken Promises - A parasite swims in the bottom of this bottle, fat with strength.
Strength is increased by 2 until the next long rest. Upon resting, Strength is indefinitely reduced by 1.
Duration (+2 Strength): 50 turns.
Duration (-1 Strength): Remains permanently.

Faltering Will - A sweet, intoxicating aroma hangs around this bottle. It reminds you of home.
Disadvantage on Wisdom savings throws until rest.
Duration: Remains until fully rested.

Heart of Stone - Fragments of malachite swirl at the bottom of this potion, coalescing and seperating rhythmically.
Restant to poison damage until rest.
Duration: Remains until fully rested.

Insanity's Kiss - Something thrashes in this heavy ground, consumed by rage.
Hostile to all other creatures for the condition's duration.
Duration: 5 turns.

Lost Time - Its seal is dry and cracked with age, yet the clear potion within bears no signs or spoilage.
Armour Class is reduced by 2. Can't take a reaction.
Duration: 50 turns.

Lover's Avarice - A rotten pungency undercuts this potion's otherwise pleasant aroma of roses and honey.
Wisdom is indefinitely reduced by 1. (Should say until next long rest)
Duration: Remains until fully rested.

Missing Pets - Thousands of little legs skitter inside this bottle, seeking an escape.
Illusionary spiders run up and down the creature's body, imposing disadvantage on ability checks and attack rolls.
Duration: 4 turns. (CHECK)

A Mother's Loathing - A hint of blood lingers around the stopper. It's enough to make your mouth water.
Gains Bite until the next long rest. (Incorrect)
Duration: 50 turns. (Correct)
Bite a target to deal 2d4 Piercing.
Attack/Save: Melee Attack
Range: 1.5m
Recharge: Once per turn
Icon: same as Astarion's Bite
Does not turn the caster into a vampire after being bitten by Astarion. Lore states that to become a vampire once must be bitten by a vampire then bite the vampire. Unknown whether this is a bug or intended.

Stillborn - A traditional brew of ergot and nutmeg, meant for mothers who will never be.
Condition name: Hemorrhaged
Bleeding from the inside. Suffers 1d6 Piercing at end of turn.
Duration: 4 turns.

Wilted Dreams - Smells like a sleep potion turned sour.
Creature is watched from the shadows, taking upon rest. (Unsure what this actually does)
Duration: 50 turns.

(Not a potion)
Bitter Divorce - Clumps of hair and flesh stick out from the roots that make up the shaft of this wand. 'Connor' is scratched into the surface.
0 weight
100 gold
Choose target to resurrect.
Does not work on party members, unsure where to use.


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you could use it on Connors corpse, its at the back of ethels cabin in a coffin.
i was wondering if anyone had any information on the potion of flight