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bugged, there's no hag near Myrina o anywhere else
Same here
She's invisible on the left bridge, hover with any AoE and her hit box will show. Bugged af though, won't fight back.



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If you bought the invisible potion from her, she wont turn into invisible.
Had the same problem. She's actually invisible where shown on the screenshot above (in the room where you find Mayrina). Using an damage AOE spell at that location will make her visible again. You can then kill her and she won't fight back (bugged). Best to kill her than to toss her in the pit though since she has a few interesting items on her.
Imo it's kind of dumb that the hags pawns keep attacking you even if you kill her first. Thought I could save them. Oh well. Ripperino.
i was just trying to figure this out myself but that sucks
Another weird writing by Larian : even when you save Mayrina you have no options at all to even try convincing her to let go her husband and move on without going over the top evil and rubbing it into her face by destroying the wand.
A DM would have allowed anyone who saved her with a good alignment to try persuading her that she should move on and honor her husband by letting him go. As a DM it would even be a roll with advantage given you literally saved her from death.

But no, Larian being as weird as usual, you end up with choices which suck : either kill her and her husband, letting her rez her husband and walk away as a kind of flesh golem, or being a douche and let her cry alone in the swamp. Very satisfying either way. Yay.
oh shoot this quest is this long? I just attack the hag and kill her in the hut.
Hag is invisible, on the small wooden bridge leading down to Mayrina, just need to use an Aoe spell to break it, attack her and if she won't die switch character and it should kill her, but after that, I bough her husband back, had to kill it as I went into combat, and NO closure, she just told me to F off.
You can prevent auntie Ethel from escaping the first time you fight her if you cast silence and block her movement with your party.
Mayrina will be up in the cage when you get down there, and Ethel's body will also appear. You don't get to loot it twice though.
I got the same bug sneaking along the left wall.
you can actually just bug this out by walking down the right side of the room mayrina's cage is in (instead of towards the left). i did this accidentally by attempting to talk to mayrina while hugging the right side of the screen. it causes the hag to speak and then just stand there and never fight back. weird bug, but you can literally walk up to her and punch her to death, never entering combat at all.
it is bugged to where you can't complete if you decide to do the sneaky route and skip the dialog all together where you meet the hag in her teahouse while mayrina is eating a pie. I decided to sneak my way around the side part of the house by jumping to it, sneaking on the ladder behind mayrina, discovering the hidden enterance with the fireplace, and then going threw the rest you normally would do, even killed the damn hag, even saw mayrina outside near the coffin... the problem, her dialog box was ****ed, and the quest log for saving her still pointed at the teahouse that i skipped, and now they really are missing from that room, and not invisible.... rather dead now, while mayrina is stuck outside and i cant choose to give her the wand..... now im stuck looking this quest up, to find out i bugged it out hard, and now having to reload to the start of the teahouse again.... RIP... at least now this **** should be somewhat quicker.. anyways i wanted to post this
The wand appears to be bugged in a rather exploitative way: I kept the wand after raising Connor's corpse (and he didn't follow me around, so meh), but I went to the corpses of the redcaps from the previous encounter and I was able to get a near limitless number of zombies from just one corpse - they do appear to run on an invisible timer though, as they die out after a little while.