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i picked up an herb i found (starts with a "T") near nettys lab on the table next to the cauldren. i then used the cauldren and placed the herb in there and hit combine and it created an elixer of silvanus (poison cure)
Mugwort Bundle + Cauldron = Elixir of Sylvanis
Description "Blessed by the Oak Father himself, this tonic will cure even the most baneful poisons."
According to Flora of Dalelands found in Netty's lab, it's Cauldron of Theriac specifically. Both Mugwort and Cauldron also found in lab.
So based off what ive seen there does appear to be some form of crafting similar to DOS2 when you use things like a anvil or forge a crafting screen comes up where you can combine materials, no clue on recipes yet though.
So I just tried Mugwort Bundle and it crashed the game