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By Anonymous
what does "crush the tadpole outside druids grove" mean
By Anonymous
If I recall correctly, at some point you'll see two people trying to wake up a dead dwarf, after talking to them you can check the body and a tadpole will climb out of his eye, think it's crushing that.
By Anonymous
Exactly that, when you exist Druid's grove in the way you find a dying man with 2 companions, whatever you finish the encounter if you check the body of the dead dwarf you get to see how a tadpole exist his eye and you can crush it or not.
By Anonymous
Where is the woman or man you designed
By Anonymous
They aren't romanceable. Getting into why is spoilers, but if you wanna know why, just go to the character creation section of the wiki.

I'm pretty bummed, because I aready don't like any of the male companions.
By Anonymous
Seems my dreams of romancing both Shadowheart and Lae'zel is either impossible or need epic level of work to make it happen
By Anonymous
i pray a 3 way in someform makes its way into the game
By Anonymous
I actually managed it on accident. Wantet to have a lovy dovy time with Lae´zel and apparently Shadowheart wanted to join me too xD
By Anonymous
Astarion approves in the discussion about killing eachother if tentacles start coming out of their bodies, that if you have to choose you would like to get killed by a knife. But don't know if he just likes all answers about killing methods - didn't test it ^^
By Anonymous
He likes decapitation option as well but seems more excited about the knife to me.
By Anonymous
Shadowheart disapproves: Asking Halsin to fight goblins with you in bear form.
By Anonymous
You can also romance Minthara
By Anonymous
oh really? how so
By Anonymous
Astarion Approves: Say you'd like to die by poison if ceremporphosis begins
By Anonymous
There's an exploit for Shadowheart, Gale and Wyll approval.
Get Scratch the dog and pet him (repeatable)
By Auralie
The new update for the game got rid of this exploit. Now whenever you click on the dog after talking and petting him for the first in camp, he just *pants* and the dialogue ends. (What happened to me at least.)
By Anonymous
Shadowheart dissaproves if you tell her "You're keeping something back". She doesn't seem to like it when you pry too much in general xD