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By Anonymous
I killed him the first time I encountered him.

I don't take kindly to that kind of behavior.
By Anonymous
I told him he could use my camp and did not recruit him. I could not stand his voice and attitude and his affectation. I read in the article above he is a vampire and a dispicable person and am happy I left him on his own.
By Anonymous
To those working on writing how to get his approval: I am so grateful to you, you guys are the best. I can't figure him out!
By Anonymous
Also for “approval up”:
- persuade him to share his dream with you ( Dialogue after night 4 at the Camp)
- say you cower him up ( ... if he covers you” - also works) in the same dialogue
- support Astarion in the dialogue with the team after the bite in the Camp
- agree to help tiefling Karlah ( don’t know the exact name, I play in Russian)

For approval down:
- take the vivern poison from the Druid apprentice
- agree to help find Marina/Morina ( on the way to auntie Ethel)
By Anonymous
It's not night 4. You need to use tadpole enough to get the dream scene.
By nhjke
More to “approval up”: decide to kill a hunter which looking for Astarion ( the hunter is located nearby Ethel’s home)
By nhjke
Next two approvals up:
- say that drink enemies’ blood during the fight is a good idea (dialogue starts when you say that you’ve been thinking about last night)
- in the conversation with Shadowheart after the Night 6, support the Astarion’s idea to continue usage of Tadpoles’ power
By Anonymous
If you choose to walk in on the two trolls having sex in the Blighted Village, he will approve. Wyll and Shadowheart will disapprove
By Anonymous
I bet he had a " oh so that's how it works for them" moment there
By Anonymous
If you agree to share your bed with him after the tiefling party at camp he will approve.

He disapproved almost everything I did up until that point but now he seems to like me.
By Anonymous
Do you remember what dialog option you choose at the tiefling party?
By Anonymous
Dialogue options at the party:
1. smth about killing goblins was fun
2. either try the wine he drinks or smth about how goblins would have thrown a better party
3. either ask what he means by fun or tell him that you hope his fun doesnt mean he's going to kill someone (options 1 or 2 i think)
By Anonymous
He disapproves if you persuade the Tiefling and Human to calm down when they're arguing at the Druid's Grove. It doesn't appear as though he will approve of any of the options available
By Anonymous
Alternatively if you don't want to fight against the tieflings if you deceive them into leaving and then tell lae'zal to "say please" he also approves.