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Is it a blunder that "Ability Imptovements" doesnt mention charisma or is it correct?
you can increase cha at lev 4
Can't find the feat I picked on any character sheet in the game, after selecting it and leveling up. Can anyone else see what they chose? It's not listed anywhere.
Same I chose the duel wielding feat and my AC did not go up even though I am duel Wielding
I'm not alone!
No crossbow expert zzzzz
Feats in B3 = Fighter (fighting styles) in 5e + stat? hopefully placeholder only
These are all reproductions of actual 5e feats. The ones you are talking about are half-feats where you get a new feature and also get to increase an ability score by 1. A nice middle ground between optimizing your stats with an Ability Score Increase, and gaining a suite of new features with a 'full' feat.
All of these cool spears and no Sentinel....sad.
I mean in the text above it says you can't use grappler without 13 str, and it isn't on the list, so I'm gonna assume you can still get other feats in the full game, just not in early access
would love for sharpshooter feat to be added.
Ritual Caster is a MUST for a Rogue Arcane Trickster, I hope it gets added for the final release game.
yall are harsh its early access and this game is really impressive so far
The EA is really missing the half feats for Int/Cha/Wis, as it is casters only have ability bonus as a reasonable 4 level option,