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no crossbow expert?
Crossbow Expert is discriminatory against all Legolas clones.
No mounted Combatant
That would be neato
no elven accuracy/ xbow expert/ polearm master? =/
I doubt we will see Elven Accuracy, the race/classes are mainly PHB ones. Also still early access.
Hoping for elven accuracy makes it too. Pathfinder: Kingmaker had tons of feats including racial ones. Larian can't be outdone by Owlcat now can they? ;)
Weird that there's GWM but no Sharpshooter
Mmm.. No alert and no lucky
It's early access folks. Don't get your panties in a bunch.
I like my panties in a bunch tyvm!
No, yes, YES!
Give me feats now! Immediately!
And Archfey patron!
Fixed it for you: Don't get your (golden) pantaloons in a bunch*
Damn *cry* missing my xbow / ss
Damn, no Skulker or Resilience (Ability) Yet...
Hopefully War Caster makes it into the game
I just checked another page and it said it will be in there. Hopefully it’s true