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By Anonymous
Very good, Bluepoint. Pay2win hardcore games. Waiting for microtransactions, proof of concord drop chances to force microtransactions, easy mode DLC, +666 rings DLC, cheats DLC.
By Anonymous
Go screw yourself and get a life dumbass instead of complaining about something bluepoint devs had no choice about
By DemonsSoulsMaster
There is no pay to win in the game and you are wrong on every level. The fact that you are whining about the hardcore part of the game makes me think you broke your ps5 or something after dying to a dregling. The game was meant to eh hard; that’s why it’s fun. Except for b****es like you.
By Anonymous
See my previous comment you’re another moron
By Anonymous
Is it reusable?
By Anonymous
Embarrassment to actual gamers. Pre order culture, microtransactions, lootboxes, dlc, I actually am thinking about just quiting gaming and finding another hobby. The original Demons Souls had none of this.
By Anonymous
Im from mexico and the prices of consoles and things related to them are turning to expensive for what they really offer, im thinking like u to look for a new hobby.
By Anonymous
If a (very) minor perk (that has no real barring on the game itself) for someone who wants to spend a little more money and support the company that made this is what is driving you to quit gaming... Then you are an idiot. Quit whining about what other gamers do to enjoy themselves and worry about your fractured ego.

BUT, lets look at your argument and see what PS5 Demon's Souls had.

1) Pre-order bonus - NOPE!
2) Micro-transactions - NOPE! (It's an edition of the game and not sold or required for purchase in game)
3) Lootboxes - NOPE
4) DLC - Not really... Other than the items included in the deluxe edition.

So none of your points are valid. You most likely don't even have a PS5 and are crying just to cry.
By Anonymous
@Anon 03 Dec, no mate, you're the idiot. Stop bending over and being shafted, even of you do like it.
By DemonsSoulsMaster
You are one of the most idiotic and ignorant people I have ever seen. Demons souls offers NOTHING in the way of pay to win unless you count the pre order bundle, which is to help noobs out. You probably died to the true king Allan in the old one. Stop whining and get good.
By Anonymous
You sound like a seething **** tranny. Jump of a cliff and the anger will stop :)
By Anonymous
You’re an idiot on 509 different levels and for 1500 different reasons. Get educated on this game in any way shape or form before you open your mouth
By Anonymous
Haha, this is outrage is helleries. If the DLC manages to bring in more people who can play and enjoy this, then i am for it. As if this sells enough, we may get the sixth arch stone as you know, money talks...

Also, for those of us who have actually played this, you will know that these weapons are only good in early game, and are not upgradable.

So, try and focus that outrage energy on something more productive, like getting good, and pwning the noobs who have the DLC.
By Anonymous
Spoken like a true schill, bravo!
By Anonymous
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH......now for real, what's the real DLC?
By Anonymous
What really blows my marbles are the people *****ing about deluxe version bonuses...these aren’t micro transactions or pay to win, these are early game items meant to help someone start out. Who cares, and you can’t even buy them separate. I think BluePoint delivered on every level here.
By DemonsSoulsMaster
I agree, the items are good for starting out but they’re only somewhat good to irrelevant later on, especially in pvp. Losing to the reaper scythe in a pvp is deserving of bans.
By Anonymous
What really blows my mind are people defending **** business practices....
By Anonymous
"**** business practices"? You have rocks in your head....get off the ****ing internet and crawl back in your hole rroll.
By Anonymous
Yeah it's a **** business practice, maybe go outside instead of shilling companies on the internet.
By Anonymous
**** Kevin Durant
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
lil b
By Anonymous
Does anyone know how to activate the bundle on a pre-existing character? I'd really like them on a character i already have
By Anonymous
Any news if they’ll make the broken arch stone as a DLC one day?
By Anonymous
I don’t think they will because despite the addition of some new items, redesigns, and quality of life changes, it’s almost the exact game (in terms of content) as the original. I would love to see tge such archstone be DLC though.
By Anonymous
that's skyrim dude