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Is the Elf Trance ability considered as a long rest for recovering spells?
It will, more than likely. They can go into a 4 hour trance as opposed to a 8 hour long rest in DnD.



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Yes, it is.
Have we gotten any word if the missing classes will be added occasionally BEFORE full release? Or are they holding them all for release at the same time after Early Access?
Haven't read anything on this, but my guess would be that they are going to release classes little by little until the game is fully ready. DLCs would come with other subclasses like those from Xanathat's Guide to Everything.
Why can’t you start with 20 Dex with an elf?
no. best I can tell you max out at 17.
B/C in DnD 5e that isn't possible to start the game with a maxed out stat. The highest possible stat one can get using the point by system is 15 and using racial stat boost ( the highest being +2) you can get as high as 17. Any higher is achieved by the Dice system, where you roll a D20 for all stats.
The dice is generally 3D6, not D20.
So no importing/exporting character save of first play in to second like in Neverwinter Nights? Hmmm will skip this one. Don't want to waist 60 euros just to play once. Not all of us have time or will to play from again 0 and have to grind and craft for gear again and again.
cam you change character appearance mid game?
Does anyone know if there is a way to re-customize your character without something like an external editor like DOS2 had with the mirror? Haven't been able to find anything saying yes or no.