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Time to farm Alatreon for real lmao
Supposedly this Alatreon has 30% of it's original HP. You still get carve rewards but it'd be best to remember that you don't need to heavily focus on DPS checking so long as you can deal 17.5k Damage to it. (17.5k is a fair guess to 30% of it's original HP.)
Can confirm this! Thanks for the info!
17.5k elemental or total damage?
15,750 is his health for this quest. (Solo)
Lol, barioth’s quest was harder for me, bari had 19,200 health and my armor was mr but lvl one
Can you do this quest multiple times?
You can only run this quest once (with the exception of joining someone else), as it's a special assignment and can only be completed one time.
This saddens me greatly. The once mighty Alatreon reduced to this. I’m so sorry big fella. I’m so sorry.
For what it's worth, you do not have to beat the Alatreon assignment to unlock this quest. You only have to encounter him. Don't have to beat Safi, either.
Still impossible.
git gud
Alatreon in this quest has less health than an MR Great Jagras
how do unlock this quest?
Why would they nerf him so hard anyway? You can only do it once, and fatalis comes right afterward anyway. Fatalis is WAY harder than the un-nerfed alatreon.
It isn't about whether it's harder or easier, it's about how much people cried about it, lmao. Although it is true that some people think alatreon is way harder; I have a hunter friend who thinks that. I personally agree that fatalis is a much more challenging fight: once you get escaton judgment down, alatreon is a fair fight with manageable damage and really clean hitboxes on most of his moves, while fatalis... Those fireball hitboxes...
What’s funny is that you can kill it before even the judgment I did