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Im going to try a halfling ranger with short swords for the finesse. The reason why is because this game is just DND 5e online so if you go for hunters mark and moster hunter you can super strike dudes down with the exception of losing 1 turn.
Trust me you want beastmaster with hunter's mark instead. Choose spider pet. It's very strong pet. Lot of hp, high AC, high mobility (higher than any origin character), good damage and has CC.
Your ability stat spread changes from what you recommended to what you actually did. Just FYI
I can't comment on the character build pages themselves, so I am leaving a comment here. The wizard guide ignores a major point: wizards can learn spells from scrolls.

So you should never take spells that you can learn from scrolls. I have a level 4 wizard with 10 cantrips, 25 first-level spells, and 15 second-level spells. The flexibility is insane, especially since you can re-prep out of combat. Note: Weirdly enough, only one of the Summon Quasit scrolls can be learned. But it can be learned, expanding your familiar list.

Base: Half-Elf (High) (gives another cantrip). Stats after the crown but before the possible upgrade at level 4: 8/16/16/18/10/16.
No edit function... To be clear, one Summon Quasit scroll gave me the option to learn it and one didn't. Weird, but I got the spell.

Also, the stats above assume you follow the rest of the build advice and minimize Intelligence during the build but then use the Warped Headband of Intellect.
I would love a Battle Master build as well !
Would love to see this page updated with all of your builds to date.