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By Anonymous
i just tried a blessed mirdan hammer on my faith priest build and man it makes wonders. in addition of you not dying, this baby also hits like a truck with enough points given in faith.
By Anonymous
trash cazul, try your own thing instead of using what everyone else does. but if youmare a scrub cazul who is desperate for PvP wins then this might be for you, scrubbo....
By Anonymous
You good lmao ?
By Anonymous
You good bro lmao ?
By Anonymous
this looks like one of those posts where this guy just got absolutely destroyed by some dudes with polearms and came here to vent
By Anonymous
Sounds like you’re stuck in 2009
By Anonymous
Using a giant Hammer IS my own thing!
I do it in EVERY game!!!
By Anonymous
Sick in the head
By LiterallyMe
2009 called, they want their language back
By Anonymous
There's only 3 weapons in the game, everyone's gonna use the good stuff