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By Anonymous
These things should not be so dang rare, and the merchant that sells them sells them for 5 big!
I hope they change it in the remake.
By Anonymous
Nope they didn't
By Anonymous
Reaper farm bruh
By Anonymous
The remake is crap. It didn't fix any problems the original had tbh I'm hating every single of it. No wonder it flopped hard.
By Anonymous
What the hell are you talking about the remake flipped hard? It’s the highest rated game on PS5 go check Metacritic. I’m loving Every minute of it so far. And uh you can thank Bluepoint for the Repair All Button, the Send to Stash when Overencumbered, the Menu Selection in Archstones, the Sprinting up and down ladders as well as numerous other things you sour man you
By Anonymous
I keep hoarding these and haven’t used one after 18 hours. What’s the point of them? I just run back to the arch stones and port back ...