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BG3's early access on GOG, on 30 September: https://twitter.com/GOGcom/status/1304426739414765569
1.) Herb type items do not stack.
2.) It would be nice if the inventory doesn't close when you read a book.
3.) The inventory scrolls back to the top if you are switching items between characters and there is a scroll bar. If I am switching several items, it is a pain to have to scroll back down every time to find an open slot to drop the item in.
4.) if I open a container (chest, box, bag, etc) and have my inventory open as well, if I sort the inventory the container window closes. I then have to close inventoy, re-open container, then re-open inventory to have both windows open after sorting.



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This is not the place for bug reporting or suggestions. Your feedback will be more likely to be taken into account in Larian Studios Forum, Baldur's Gate 3 Reddit or Steam Community Discussions. Thanks.
Cary a Herb pouch on each character to clear up clutter.


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If you hold shift and try to open a chest, the chest jumps into your inventory, note: they do not add to the weight and additional it becomes more space for items in inventory. My character has 10 chests along with backpacks. I think it is a bug,