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Me - DIFFICULTY: 100, as in it felt like I died 100 times to this dude.

100 battles of chasing each other around a giant rock.

The most annoying thing...Magoichi being smart as hell and launching a bomb at me before I can even land during my Quick-Change.

Like mofo, how dare you not be in position for me to drive me Axe into into your head lmao.

By Anonymous
*Laughing in tonfa*... Use light armor, mid or low stanxe, and simply walking sideways at middle distance will let you avoid his shots. When he flies, wait for his first shot, dodge, and shoot a shuriken/kunai/whatever to him and he'll fall down like a pigeon XD. He has low poise and ki, just use a flurry combo (with axe, low stance fast combo ending with triangle for an occasional grapple attack) and you're done after 4-5 times you grapple him. I use this method with tonfa and the boss fight is quite easy and fast (I'm farming for his smithing texts). When he sussomns Yatagarasu, simpli fall back, go into low stance, and dodge here and there for some seconds
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To unlock this mission, you also need to clear the Sub Mission: The Aberrant Mage (Dawn).

To unlock Aberrant Mage, you need to clear Main Mission: The Sun Sets on Mount Tenno and "Defeat an Onmyo Mage 10 times or more".
You can find a pair of Onmyo Mages in Mount Tenno, in the underground section just past the shrine in the rice fields.
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I can't do this mission anymore, it will just load forever