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By Anonymous
The solution has been the same for me every time, so I'm just posting here in the event it's always the same.

Puzzle Solution assuming the Monolith is facing North:

West > South > West > South > East > East > North > East > East > North
By RacoonSM
You mixed the compass direction (skull is South).

East > North > East > North > West > West > South > West > West > South
By RacoonSM
You have to check the "compass" it does change direction...
By Anonymous
This should have zero downvotes. It's a random set every time (out of at least 3 possibilities) and this exact code worked for me on one of my runs.
By Anonymous
the correct sequence will be on the back of the monolith
By Anonymous
Anyone know how to get this thing to spawn???
By Anonymous
Anyone know if this spawns in Adventure mode? Dumb question, but I haven't seen it yet through over a dozen rerolls.
By Anonymous
Yupp, it does.
By Anonymous
Monolith pattern when it was on the wall. Again assuming Monolith/Checkpoint = North

East > East > East > North > East > South > East > South > West > West
By Anonymous
Just a tip for getting this to spawn in Adventure Mode. As soon as you can spawn in a rolled world look up at the sky around you. The Monolith is a tall black tower that you should definitely be able to see from the starting checkpoint.

If you don't see it after running around and looking, simply reroll Rhom and try again.
By Anonymous
There are only 3 possible solutions to this puzzle. Assume that away from the monolith is "north".
Solution 1: S,E,N,E,E,N,E,E,S,W
Solution 2: E,N,E,N,W,W,S,W,W,S
Solution 3: W,W,W,S,W,N,W,N,E,E

There is no need to look at the key behind the monolith. Just step on a tile near the compass tile. If it goes down, you know the starting tile, and that determines the rest of the pattern.