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By Anonymous
As a heads up the perks under leadership are displaying as the perks for weapon mod for some reason.
By Anonymous
Perks are right now but the actual affect is still weapon mods
By Anonymous
NOT counting the weapon skills, there are sixteen non combat related skills in the game. With a party of four that means each character would have to take four skills besides their weapon choice to max every skill in the game. Effectively it means you will need the two companion slotted characters to ease off the costs as levels increase. Skill books can only be used once, but they do help. So will utility items. At level 35 with a skill point gain of three/level max; you'll get 105 skill points. This does not take Pointdexter into consideration, but at 1 skill point every two levels it adds another 17 for a total of 122 skill points with some trade offs. Using the skill books as with WL2 at rank 10 of the skill will shave a significant amount of those points off cost. It reputedly takes 28 skill points to max a skill straight up. Which in raw numbers marks out the skills maxed per playthrough as 4 with three more added ranks. Using the above methods to work around, you could PERHAPS get it to five for one member of your team. If you REALLY plan things out, and get all the desired utility gear to let you leave most non combat skills at effectively rank 8. Leaving this here to help out others in my boat. It's the best Mathz I can do, which isn't saying much.
By Anonymous
The first post is right on most of it, except for INT. Unlike EVERY other title like this one (Fallout 1+ or Wasteland 2) INT does NOT give skill points per level. In WL3 2 points of INT grants you a single skill point. This means that if you leave INT at the default 2 starting level then you will begin the game with 4 skill points, if you upgrade to 10 INT you would start with 8 skill points meaning at level 35 you would have a range of 105 / 110 skill points, with Poindexter quirk 122 / 127 skill points.

The Skill cost chart is:
Lvl 1-3 pts 1
Lvl 4-5 pts 2
Lvl 6-7 pts 3
Lvl 8 pts 4
Lvl 9 pts 5
Lvl 10 pts 6
Total 28 pts

Therefore a character with 1 INT and nothing else (105) could Max 3 skills (84) and have 21 pts left over.
A Character with 2 INT and Poindexter quirk (123) could Max 4 skills (112) with 11 pts left over.
If a Char with Int 1 and Poindexter saved 3 skill books to gain the final point at Skill 10 (6 pts), or 2 books and a +1 Skill Item they could max 5 skills (140).