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By Anonymous
among us in mhw *fatalis kills dodogama* *every body whatched him kill dodo* *everybody* GET THAT MOTHER ****ER OUT OF HERE
By Anonymous
Anyone know how much ho the head has? Dang before first and second break?
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By DrBonifarz
According to kiranico's mhw database, the threshold for head breaks is 4500HP each.
By Anonymous
Not 100% sure but I think the first break is 13500 and the second 4500, so 18k total.
By Anonymous
One of those monsters that makes you forget that you're having fun.
By Anonymous
Hello, some tips I found were that usually the sides and back are safe and I recommend using a weapon that can block. If your in multiplayer you go for the cannons for some free 1.5k damage (if most hit) I also used the MR kulave tarroth armor so I was immune to fireblight. His attacks are hit like a truck and some attacks are super hard to avoid like the breath sweep to blocking help
You don’t have to believe me, I’m not some monster hunting expert, but these are some tips I found usefull
By Anonymous
Peak performance might be good too since you need max hp to survive most attacks
By Anonymous
Alright, I've just managed to down him for the first time, and gotta say... WHAT A FIGHT. Jesus, what a brilliant design, what a thrill, and the music, oh dear, THE MUSIC. This right here is one of my favourite bossfights, and I don't mean only in the MH franchise. God damn well done.
By Anonymous
That A-Lister should've definitely died from that 30-second Fatalis firebreath during the cutscene.
By Anonymous
I like how he acted like he had known us for years ngl I kinda hoped he died cause he was annoying
By Anonymous
His dusts of life were more useful than any of my teamates dunno wtf your talkin bout
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By Grim_Reaper
His name is Aiden and his mentors name is Julius. (the commander)
Big reveal somehow nobody realised...
By Anonymous
can someone explain me wtf just happened with my fatalis hunt? this was my 23rd solo hunt and after 4th nova he keep spamming the glowing chest pin attack. I had 2 carts remaining and after second head break(~20% hp left) he will do a ground fire sweep then pin and repeat it on a loop, i survived 5 consecutive pins but then i run out of max potions and eventually failed the quest. Previous runs were normal only ever got pinned 3 times in 3 different runs. This hunt has scared me for life.
By Anonymous
how did you run out of max pots i have 6000 with no grinding just do zinogre steamworks fuel quest and 10x output
By Anonymous
Now imagine in a future Mh game we gotta fight (it will never happen but just imagine) A Frenzied, Hyper, arch-tempered, apex WHITE Fatalis in just 40 min. (now i know this sounds absurd knowing elder dragons can't get any of these things except arch-T, but still IMAGINE!!!!.
By Anonymous
We would cart as the mission is being loaded.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Got any tips for a LS main. I am stuck on him and need some tips. Also can you give me your opinion on what equipment and skills to use? I don’t have network connection so I can’t do events. I also use the DB,SA,IG,and CB
By Anonymous
Just use foresight slash when he do mele and use farcaster when he do that flame attack. If you need more info and help ad if u have PS4 send me ur user. Earplugs are usefull to. Equip fireproof mantle so u don't take that much damge from his fireballs.
By Anonymous
>longsword main
you're already on easy mode, how much advice do you need?
By Anonymous
1. almost ALL of his attacks can be iframe Foresight Slashed INCLUDES HIS ROAR.
2. He WILL roar after every wall-bang so be sure you had a RED charge before you wall-bang him so that you can foresight cancels to helmbreaker when he roars (try to memorize his roar frame to time your foresight)
3. make sure your weapon (LS) is drawn for most of the time. spam roll to get close to him but also watch you stamina. avoid sheath your weapon too much (running) except for his nova attack.
4. LS keymoves before trying to foresight his attacks: Step Slash(Only for Drawing weapon), Thrust, Rising Slash, Spirit Blade I and Spirit Blade II. repeat this moves and try to timed your foresight slash on each Fatalis' small attacks, if your foresight succeed and hit, end it with round spirit slash to get your spirit charged
5. Critical Eye, Critical Boost and Agitator is a must, in addition i do recommend divine blessing, fire resist, coalescence and evade window for better foresight slash iframe window.
By Anonymous
Trash monster with trash AI. You try to walk up and use dragonator he just laugh miles away with fireballs for the next 10 min and then use his map wide fire breafh when you jump down and carts you.

Also likes to spam body slam 24/7 and pins you to the ground with broken hit boxes. Oh you got hit by my leg here get pinned. You run over to ballistica here let me cart you with map wide flame.
You hit my belly here get hit by my line of flames that are not even close to hit you. All broken. Good i have already killed this trash monster 10 times now and dont need anything from him anymore lol.
By Anonymous
your just bad bro never had any issues with him
By Anonymous
just use mod god tier weapon to fix your little heart bro.... lol
By Anonymous
don't say about yourself in mhw wiki
By Anonymous
I feel you this guy ****ing sucks *** ive been grinding him for 10+ hours and I still haven’t got a kill
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