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The picture is Anjanath Lol


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I was on a laggy computer; couldn't load Fatalis screenshot. Changing that now.
também estou em um computador e olha como assim saiu pra computador o Fatalis eu não vi atualização no xbox como assim captura de tela do Fatalis já saiu o Fatalis eu achei que era pra outubro ou estou fazendo confusão?
vou dar uma olhada agora no xbox pra ver se aconteceu alguma coisa sobre a atualização do Fatalis.
Hi God.
It was good hunting with you, gentlemen. Synchronize your death watches!
The Legend of the Black Dragon]
Hasn't there been a song stuck in your head? A song sung by children all across the land? A song with soul, sung diligently in the streets and in the alleys? What is that song?

'The legend of death,
death by a giant wyvern

has been revived'

It is 'The Legend of the Black Dragon'! Everyone should know it, as it is based on a famous fairy tale!

However, I think the fact that everyone is singing this song is actually a sign. They say children are always first to foretell the changing of the world. They are said to have a special sense for these kinds of things.
I have gathered as much information as I could from the corners of this world, and I have told those who should be told. However, no one believes me. That is why I have begged for a few pages in Hunting Life explain the Legend to all who care to learn.
'The Legend of the Black Dragon' is said to exist everywhere, and while there are changes in the lyrics depending on the location, the content of the song is the same. So please understand that the lyrics printed below are representative of the song as I know it. The lyrics may be different where you are located.
The Legend of the Black Dragon
When the world is full of wyverns
The legend is revived

Meat is eaten, Bone is crunched.

And blood is sucked up dry

He burns the earth
And melts through iron

He boils the rivers

And mows down trees

He awakens the winds

And lights an inferno

He is called Fatalis
The wyvern of destiny

He is called Fatalis

The wyvern of destruction

Call for help

Run for your lives

And don't forget to

Pray to the skies

He is called Fatalis
The wyvern of destiny

He is called Fatalis

The wyvern of destruction

Fatalis, Fatalis

Heaven and Earth are yours

Fatalis, Fatalis

Heaven and Earth are yours

Welp get ready for screams and Hype.

And then more screams of pain and agony because fatalis(hoping no dps check)
I hope that Nergi won't finish off Fatalis for us...

He probably will because of the whole "Nergigante was the true hero all along" theme Iceborne has.
Or not because it seems since Fatilas is like the god of all dragons he could probably yeet Nergi out of existance even if injured.
you forgot to put "Species: Elder Dragons " in the Fatalis Details & Locations
Who misses the question mark icon from the good old days?

Any MH vet knows what I'm talking about.
I also wish we had a ? species like Gore again. Even though Shagaru was declared an official Elder, I liked the aspect of something being unknown.
Oh, I actually meant the old question mark icon that used to be Fatalis's icon before he got an actual icon. I forgive your misunderstanding.
They gave Gogmazios the same icon in MH4U. For some reason, only SOME of Dalamadur's quests had it as well, except in the actual fight where he gets his own icons. However, some of his quests also show his icon, instead of the question mark.

No idea what was running through Capcom's head when they came up with that.
Please jus let me fight it Solo
Thats probably not gonna happen. Not saying that I don’t want the same as you, but if Alatreon is best fought with others, than so is Fatalis. He is the god of all monsters, after all.
Alatreon's hp changes depending on the amount of players though.
Alatreon is soloable even for average human being, just git gut.
The OP is not complaining about Alatreon though. He's probably happy that Alatreon can be soloed.
Mr September 9th, yeah dude calm down. He was just saying that its best to fight Alatreon with others, not that he’s impossible solo. You don’t have to be a d*ck about it if you misunderstand.
Isn't the dude saying Git Gud to the OP is ruder than Mr Sep 9? Anyway, happy hunting and I hope that this comment section doesn't become a warzone like the Alatreon comment section.
Oh wait, is a different comment labeled september 9th for you? Because I was actually talking to the guy saying “git gud.” I guess thats what different time-zones do, huh?
I see. Thanks for helping to keep this comment section non-toxic. Happy hunting!