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After some limited testing, gauntlet / reflection bosses deal less damage than they do on NG+2.
With 2 hardmodes active (charmless + demon bell), the Sword Saint's vertical shockwave attack (the one he uses after a deflected Ichimonji) dealt about 95-98% damage on NG+2 (i.e. reduced me to a sliver of health from full, and missing any health basically meant it's a oneshot), and about 85-92% in the reflection version (which is still very close to a oneshot, but sometimes healing items don't heal you to full and leave you with a very small amount missing - on NG+2 you'd need to heal one more time to be completely safe).
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Cool story bro
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Not sure how many people know this but it's permanently unlocked after beating the game with any ending I think, second for bosses like inner father or genichiro you just have to make it to the end of the trial instead of having to go through the game 4+ times to unlock them
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If it isn't affected by attack power upgrades, what is your attack power in gauntlets?
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"In both Reflections of Strength and Gauntlets of Strength, Attack Power is always 14. Enemy Health and Posture do not scale with NG+ in reflections or gauntlets but are affected by Kuro's Charm and the Demon Bell."
- From the wiki page on Attack Power.
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Definitely should have given a Rikimaru outfit for completing Mortal Journey.

Still rad to be able to fight every boss in a row, though.
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wtf is a the "rikimaru outfit"?
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Shout-out to Demon of Hatred for ruining half of these
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quick shout-out to christina applegate
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Honestly after beating the final mortal journey gauntlet, I found DoH to be a much more manageable fight than any of the Inner bosses. As with any other enemy, once you know the attack patterns it's pretty easy.

Maybe this is just because I play without Kuro's charm--so without any extended flurry attacks that require consecutive deflections (e.g. Genichiro who continuously hacks at you) , DoH is more
straightforward to me.
By Anonymous
Also learning to use the phoenix shield to deflect (not block) makes this fight 100x easier
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true, easy boss ruining all fun
By Anonymous
the most difficult boss rush ever. Rewards: NONE LOOOOOL
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Just for bragging rights and for the sake of the challenge, I assume
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the true Sekiro starts here
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awesome update
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no genichiro outfit sadge
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It's awesome how Fromsoft added the Inner bosses and gave us these bosses. They unlike their regular counterparts are a lot more difficult and have different movesets that players need to learn.
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The Fandom page says that your attack power is set to a certain level in the gauntlets. Does anyone know what those levels are? And does anyone know if the bosses get a set value as well?