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By Anonymous
Cant wait. Sounds amazing!
By Anonymous
I bet it’s going to be something like Breath of the Wilds, Trial of the Sword. Just a guess.
By Anonymous
Duck that
By Anonymous
Dad throws birds vertically, VERTICALLY
By Anonymous
i just learnt you can parry said bird, as long as your not on the ground at least
By Anonymous
Like some sort of MONSTER
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Pantheon of Hallownest all over again
By Anonymous
Except this is way easier
By Anonymous
Don't understand why last bossrush doesn't give anything. Could've been fun to get a skin with Black Mortal Blade.
By Anonymous
Symbolic, the reward is that you were able to beat it.
By Anonymous
you earn a sense of pride and accomplishment
By Anonymous
They may also not have beaten it yet to discover what the rewards actually are
By Anonymous
Yeah it should give you something, it doesn't even check off the gauntlet, so you you're just kind like "welp, that was a thing". You don't even have proof of you accomplishing it.
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By Rads
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Laughs in PC mods.
By Anonymous
Imagine if the last one gave a skin for your sword to make it look like the moonlight blade
By Anonymous
Don't give them ideas to make it worth doing all the bosses in a row please
By Anonymous
Or a moonlight katana instead. That would be a refreshing take on the weapon and suit the game
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By Anonymous
How do i access gauntlets? My sculptor idol only shows reflection of strength? Any help would be appreciated. Also sad that orin is not in the reflection probably cuz she never gave a memory...
By Anonymous
You need to finish the game once
By Anonymous
you have to beat all bosses and optional bosses in the game, this will require going into ng+ (finishing shura ending + purification ending) and after you beat the three gauntlets you get access to the 4th
By Anonymous
Thanks a bunch mate
By Anonymous
O'Rin of the Water is a mini-boss . Only bosses can be fought in this gauntlet
By Anonymous
if i spam my baby jesus statues will they regenerate after the gauntlet? im terrible at this game and i need all the help i can get,
By Anonymous
Yes, any item you use in the gauntlet will regenerate AFTER the gauntlet is over.
By Anonymous
You can't use them, need to git gud
By Anonymous
everything you use during gauntlets and reflections is not used up. pellets, rice, jizo, emblems, sugars even money for the sen prosthetic. you get it all back in between each fight and when you return to the main game. good luck finding the time to use a jizo statue during the fights tho
By Anonymous
I recommend saving some useful one time items for the gauntlets too.

For example Jinzaemons Jizo statue, and Kuro's Sweet Rice Balls.
And of course divine grass, normal Jizo Statues, and Rice/Fine Snow
All will be restocked after the gauntlet. These give you a serious advantage. Items are very useful in this game, fistfuls of ash, sugars (not yashiriko's very often), oil, etc.
By Anonymous
As the other gentleman already said: yes they will regenerate
BUT you cant resurect during the gauntlet. One death and it's over.. soo you have to train the bosses
By Anonymous
Anything you use in the gauntlets will be regenerated