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Sooo, where does this spell-table come from?

Because on DND Beyond and Roll20, the Warlock get's his 3rd Level Spells on Class Level 5, and 5th Level Spells on Class Level 9.
But on this table, the Warlock is "unlocking" 3rd Level Spells on Class Level 11 and doesn't even get to 5th Level at all.

As the game is supposed to only let us level until Level 10, the Warlock isn't getting 3rd Level.
So, please: Is this officially already? Where's the source for that table?
Looking at the info they've provided above, level 3 grants you access to 2nd level spells, which is what you should be at according to standard rules. They don't list level 5 benefits since that's all that EA has access to. Logically level 5 would add 3rd level spells, just like its supposed to according to the rules. I don't know where you're getting level 11 for 3rd level spells. The spell list they have includes 2nd level spells. Shatter for example is a 2nd level spell. Which is available at 3rd level, where its supposed to be available.
Original Baldur's gate 1 and 2 didn't give you max level initially. The expansions allowed you to unlock more levels. It's like basic modules in DnD. There is level range for each of them.
These are literally just rules from the Players Handbook
it's almost like they are using 5e rules and adding the stuff from the phb... weird...
Please add "Hexblade" patron as well. I think its a great magical warrior class, and makes "Pact of the Blade" very meaningful
sorry to burst your bubble but fextra does not make the game, you will have to ask the developers of the game for that but im sure it will come soon enough
no pact boons?
Seems really simple to add the 3 pacts from a gameplay perspective. Chain is just find familiar, Blade is just proficiency and weapon spawning and tome is just more cantrips.
Chain pact is in. I know you can get an imp, don't know about others.
Confirming Find Familiar is in - not sure why it's not on the site. But - this is strange - i dont recall selecting pact of the chain and never saw an option for blade or tome - Find Familiar just showed up on my spell bar after i leveled up. This is confusing for me - would have been better if they let me choose pact - even if there was only one available (just a place holder screen). The alternative is that all warlocks are gonna be pact of the chain in Larian's Baulder's Gate - which is weaksauce.
You choose your pact at level 2 at the moment only pact of chain is in the game.
You can summon a quasit, an imp or the animals from the normal find familiar.
Sorry it was level 3 where you choose the pact boon.
Warlocks are kind of boring with only one short rest per long rest. That is just not enough
Even wizards, with arcane recovery, get their spell slots back once a day.
I understand the limit, but it should be AT LEAST twice per long rest, or even three times!