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Once you kill the first mini boss (with an exit) at "Snow", go to the check point. Look close by the checkpoint and you should see a wooden stair case leading down a pit. Follow the stair case, look for the bookshelf in a cave. Destroy the bookshelf, go deeper. You will find a wooden wall. Destroy that, crouch to get in, and get the Frostbourne. Sweet looking weapon.
depending on the world gen it will either be that or the rat mother
starts at +5 / +5 = 100 / +6 = 110 / +7 = 120 / +8 = 130 / +9 = 140 / +10 = 150
So did anyone find out where to get Magir's sword? and what it is called? According to a Letter in the Cave you find Frostborne, it might only show its true strengh when used together with the sword.....
Yep, I was also searching for scarfang or whatever. Probably it was to be in the dlc as the 2nd world boss drop and they didn't add it in the end.
If you've already picked it up, you can't pick it up again for scrap. Your character will say "bag's full" or "won't fit"
Which is kinda bad. Ran into the burrow where it is located while group was heading in another direction. Couldn't pick it up myself and the group refused to come to my location even though i was pinging it desperately. Was frustrated but had to leave it behind as annoying your group like that is not a good idea.
I though this was a big axe, not an handaxe, so when i found it, kinda disappointed.

Well it does exactly what i want, so not very disappointed.
Sooo, how many stacks you should inflict to apply frozen? Got 9 on boss and still not frozen... Or does it apply frozen at all?
the frozen debuff is just a slow so you wont see anything visually frozen on most enemies
Frostmourne hungers