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If you are having trouble getting this event (I sure did, took about 60 runs), I have a couple of tips on how to save time.

Upon creating a corsus adventure:
1. Immediately when you spawn, look to the left. If you see a giant anthill looking structure, reset the run immediately. This tileset doesn't have circlet hatchery as a spawn early in the run, or possibly not at all.
2. After looking left, look directly behind you (180 degrees from the spawn stone). If you see a smaller ant hill, hug the left wall of the map and enter the first area leading to the caves. This area has a chance of being the circlet hatchery.
3. If you see neither of the things mentioned, just trees, explore forward. There are a couple of possible layouts ahead, and they can lead to circlet hatchery. Hugging the left side is still a good idea, because it is often faster.
4. There is about 1/4 chance of the cave area being circlet hatchery, if all the areas have similar chances to spawn (not sure about this one, it could be even lower). This can lead to 10+ runs very easily, don't get discouraged.

If you are looking for the trait specifically, you should know that failing the condition of not getting hit by the orbs will make the challenge impossible to complete in the same adventure. You need to create a new one and find the event again. So to save as much time as possible, be ready and careful when attempting the challenge. Here are some tips:

1. Do not bring any area of effect mods or other weapons that can accidentally destroy the hives.
2. Always clear every enemy nearby before destroying the hives, they can and will stun you for a long time in this area.
3. Using weapons with fast firerate and high ammo capacity per magazine is a good idea. For example the beam rifle, spitfire and assault rifle are great choices.
4. The orbs can pass through walls and other objects, making them impossible to kill during this time, so keeping your distance to the hives is advisable.
5. If you are still unsure whether you can kill all the orbs in time, or perhaps don't want to farm for a better suited weapon, the swarm weapon mod is fantastic safeguard against the orbs, as it is one of the only AI based mods that will target them and dispose of them fast.
Use the Swarm mod and shoot the hives. The Swarm will hunt them down and kill instantly. Use the Cultist gear or the Gift of the Iskal ring to passively Regen mod power while killing all the enemies.


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This is heavenly knowledge to have. Thank you.
I thought I'd help by adding some more information to this already very helpful comment.

On the first point, what you are looking for if the ant hill dungeon entrances as the Circlet Hatchery is a cave dungeon. So a map displaying the ant hills can be instantly discounted as there will be no cave dungeons.

Every map layout is also guaranteed to have a Boss dungeon with a chance of a non-boss dungeon. If you stumble upon a boss dungeon you can return to the swamp and search for a different dungeon entrance as that could very likely be the non-boss dungeon.

The dungeon name can be checked at the check point inside the dungeon.
Boss Dungeons: Shack, Drowned Trench, Capillary, Grotto, Hall of Whispers
Non-Boss Dungeons: Circlet Hatchery, Fetid Pools, Strange Pass

If you stumble upon a non-boss dungeon I suggest reroll and if you find a swamp with a single dungeon entrance that's also a reroll.
If you are having trouble getting this event (I sure did, took about 1 run), I have a couple of tips on how to save time.

Use World Analyzer
Equip your pistol with Swarm
Activate Swarm
Shoot with your pistol on Hatchery
Let the magic happens
Have fun with your brand new Soul Ember and Evocation Trait
There are 4-5 of them in the hatchery I believe, each makes a distinct, directional sound that persists after getting destroyed.

Use "Hive Cannon" if you have it. It'll dispose of the wisps and the cocoon in one shot. This will also contribute towards "Demolitionist" Trait, if you don't have it.
Swarm MOD will kill all the cocoon spawns before they come near you. Just make sure there are not other living mobs near you to divert them.
[Edit: Pop the Mod just before you pop the cocoon]
Breath of the desert is also great for getting the whisps and it even holds 3 charges.
use the veil of the black tear and you wont get hit at all
You have only one chance to destroy each nest per play-through. Resting at the checkpoint does not bring the hives nest back so plan accordingly if you want the trait. I found 5 hives nest in my play-through and used the hive cannon to destroy them.
The new Iron Sentinel weapon mod works great in place of the Swarm mod and regenerates much faster. They will snipe all the wisps as long as they have a clear line of sight, while the Swarm sometimes will hunt down other enemies, the sentries are stationary and will only focus the wisps and enemies immediately around you. I got the trait first try without any close calls.
Hive Cannon, primary fire or mod, insta-kills the hives and the wisps. Don't get hit, or you'll have to re-roll. Happy hunting.