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By naturalhigh213
The statue that spawns doesn't have to be right outside of the dungeon. For me it spawned a bit south. It is like a half moon shape and it was across from the world boss.
By shinobi1
how do you determain what rat has the false eye
By Anonymous
One is green.
By Anonymous
You have to look closely, but one of them will have a green eye with a pupil, instead of solid black.
By Anonymous
Look the rats eyes, the right one will have a green eye.
By Anonymous
The rat with a left green eye will have its back towards you
By Anonymous
Thats not true
By Anonymous
I've got the creeper's peeper item with the Swarm mod flying around, half dungeon.
It got adquired by surprise, even having to reach to the cage nor the key to open it.
HOWEVER, Didnt get the swashbuckler thou, because it appears the swarm kill, not my own?. Unsure.
Do not reccomend using that mod while in this dungeon
By Anonymous
you didnt get ring cuz you must kill only 1 rat not 2, 3, 4 etc so if first rat didnt have it then you dont get ring
By Anonymous
Anyone know if it's a sure thing that the statue will spawn if you get the eye? I've scoured Reisum and I can't seem to find it.
By Anonymous
For me, it spawned in an entirely different region, after another boss or two
By Anonymous
The rat didn't have a green eye for me I just had a different fur pattern right under its eye. It was light gray
By Anonymous
Found the statue near the end of a level its a very obvious part of the map that branches out to a small half circle, you'll know it when you see it.
By Anonymous
Thank you for this tip. To others: do note that this section can spawn in the 2nd major area of Reisum! Mine was right around the corner before the world boss!