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By Anonymous
One of the worst bosses to ever be designed
By Anonymous
I have fought every boss in the game repeatedly on hardcore and this is the only one that I still feel trepidation when fighting. Obryk and Dream Eater come close but once you know what to watch out for you can manage both of those better. Ikro just has so much pressure on the player that forces you to react in very specific ways and I really agree with one of the posters below this fight 100% requires the black tear mod to beat on higher difficulties. Unlike some other posters though I think his only problematic ability is conjured ice. It has no pause in its attacks, it is not timed but rather a secondary summoned boss of its own that must be killed to stop it, and the only reliable way to destroy it is to hide behind cover and have a long range weapon that does good damage. If you run out of cover or get caught out in the open and you don't have veil of the black tear ready it is game over. Honestly this fight is only bad because of that one ability.
By Anonymous
My tactic is that if I play multiplayer, I done my trusty Leto's Armor set, Keeper's Ring, Razorwire Necklace, Bloodletter's Insignia, Submachine Gun + Fan of Knives, Devastator, Scar of the Jungle God and I keep running in circles around him in the middle. In the middle, the storm clouds cannot reach you, and if you sprint, the Conjured Ice cannot hit you either. Just throw those Fs at Ikro, 1 Devastator F at the Ice and keep movin' (as McCabe would say)! Shoot the Devastator's main attack at the Ice! Always apply Bleeding 3 to Ikro and your HP will quickly regenerate, no matter what he throws at you! When the small rats come, switch to Submachine Gun, shoot 'em down, continue!

And one more thing: Below the stairs, where you can hide behind a makeshift wall, that breaks, if you walk to the very back, the storm clouds can't damage you.
By Anonymous
You know what I hate?

Bosses that require you to make a VERY specific build to be remotely tolerable.

This is one of those bosses.
By Anonymous
This is the worst boss in the whole ****ing game. He has a summoned secondary hp orb instead of it just being a timed ability that CONSTANTLY SHOOTS WITH NO WAY TO RELIABLY DODGE IT OUTSIDE OF DESTRUCTIBLE COVER. On top of that you have around 1-2 and I swear sometimes three stupid *** damaging clouds chasing you all over the arena. On top of THAT he can fire a bloody spike of ice that has practically no wind-up. ON TOP OF THAT HE CAN SUMMON MINIONS TO CHASE YOU AROUND. Last but not least he can also cause frostbite which slows EVERY damn thing you do.

This boss has TOO many mechanics active at one time for how slow your own character can be and no way to reliably fight him outside of a glass cannon build which is still liable to easily die. The people fighting him on normal difficulty need to shut the hell up.
By Anonymous
Don't forget that when he summons the minions, he becomes invulnerable, as long as they're alive!
By Anonymous
Literally worse than Obryk and Dream Eater.
By Anonymous
It is amazing how many people hate those two bosses but don't mind this one. This one is far far worse than those two are really. If you are playing on hardcore you are forced to go farm Veil of the Black Tear in order to even fight this stupid bastard.
By Anonymous
The Ricochet Rifle essentially turns this boss into Pinwheel from Dark Souls 1 -- He'll die to a stern look.