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In the second phase when he is about to spawn another conjured ice,enough damage will stagger him and cancel the attack.
By far the most annoying boss in the whole dlc. Good thing this douche is optional cause **** that fight
If you are having issues I found using hot shot to take down the orb on top works really well, takes him down in 3-4 shots, 5 tops. While you do that put a menders aura to help you with the incoming damage. You should be able to 2 - 3 phases. So make sure you charge your menders aura again before the last fase. Hot shots works really well with the hunting pistol.
A tip for anyone struggling with the iceball: you can use veil of the black tear to block the icicles and completely trivialize this fight.
This guy is a real pain in the butt on survival, honestly.
ricochet rifle, very good boy, wildfire shot, turrets, black tear shield...

just SOME of the ways to totally neuter this schmuck
this guy is a JOKE with black veil tear, a hotshot ricochet rifle (or any use of ricochet rifle) and Very Good Boy.... any of those will UTTERLY ERASE this chump of a boss, just be thankful when you get him instead of the Jackal in a survival run...
Ok so I wasn’t supposed to get him in “the sundered court” then
Okay idk if this was a bug and got patched but 1: the black tear does not protect against the storm and 2: the dog seem to be to short and barely deals any damage to the boss.