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By Anonymous
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By Totally0not0a0root
To anyone whos complaining about this boss:
Go beat dark souls and then complain
By Anonymous
Dark Souls is easy.
By Anonymous
Dark Souls is only hard for people who have not actually played REAL hard games...like most of the Devil May Cry games on Dante Must Die difficulty.
By Anonymous
Holly crap, this one was infuriating at first. The fact he can stun-lock you and beat you to death is just lazy design. I mean come on, on some tries you don't even get to make a single mistake.

Having said that, once you do get into his rythm, he's quite easy to overcome.

My setup for this "fellow":
Weapon: Hunting Rifle
Mod: Fan of Knives
Armor set: Hunter's Armor
Amulet: Razorwire Necklace
Ring1: Bloodletter's Insignia
Ring2: Ring of Evasion

The weapon Mod + Amulet + Ring1 work in tandem to both bleed that a-hole and give you back some health. The Evasion ring comes in handy to give you a bigger window to avoid getting hit and thus stun-locked. Especially good against that frost wave of spikes he does as you can dodge it even by doing so backwards.
By Anonymous
piece of poorly design **** rat of a boss.

Attacks that knock you into a lengthy recovery animation, which he can follow up with more such attacks which also knock you down, so get hit once? pray to RNGesus that you get a chance to keep playing.

A 'weak point' that isn't (I hit that mask with 30+ hunting rifle +15 shots, and it did not break.

can obscure vision while also having a poorly telegraphed attack (especially in the mist) which knocks down over a VERY wide radius (and which can then be followed up by any of the aforementioned combos.

Stupid, stupid design.
By Anonymous
He is not an easy boss but neither impossible. the secret is to delay your dodges and deal damage with fire mod and bleed. It is very easy to learn your move set.
By Anonymous
this boss kills all survival runs
By Anonymous
So this boss is probably one of the easiest bosses once you know his moveset, because all his moves are super easy to read. The first time I got him was with Vicious on Apocalypse, which meant every hit was insta death, using the 1 shot sniper/hunting pistol build with Hunter set. Slayer set would be better as his Helmet takes way too long to take off, in my case I tested it and only once got it of while doing half his HP on apocalyspe with almost only headshots which dealt like 85% reduced damage, so its not worth. Thats why I went for Burden of the gambler, Empowering loop and gunslinger amulet as amulet. Mods I used were Corrosive aura and Hunters mark


His attacks are all really telegraphed and almost all his attacks are very easy to dodge.
His 1 stage is simple and he has a few moves
1 - When you're close he throws a punch, if you are still close after the first he throws a 2nd punch.
2 - He screams and runs at you and goes for a jump slam
3 - he doesn't scream and runs at you and goes for punch, followed by a jump slam
4 - He throws a Smokescreen, Jumps at you with a decently delayed punch, and retreats. This is his most dangerous attack because the delay on the punch is sometimes hard to read, and dodging too early will result in getting hit.

Around 60-70% HP ge goes enraged, doing a huge AOE attack that deals frost damage, much like Riptides AOE rings, but faster. I suggest doging sideways, or if you are far away, towards him, as dodging backwards puts you in the attack and hits you unless really well timed. His moveset stays the same except for 3 things
1 - He has a small 1.5-2 meter aura around him that deal frost damage overtime. This can be avoided by staying out of range and for certain attacks dodging a bit earlier to stay out of this range, but not too early so he hits you after you dodge.
2 - The smokescreen turns into an AOE attack, the same that he used to trigger his raged mode. There will still be a huge smokescreen and he will still follow up with a jump with a delayed punch or a 3 hit combo. Now instead of always retreating, sometimes he doesn't and just starts walking at you.
3 - After the AOE, instead of just the delayed punch, he turns it into a 3 hit combo. The delayed punch, another quick punch, and a slightly delayed jump slam. This is his most dangerous attack because he doesnt telegraph if it's gonna be a 3 hit combo, or a normal punch (into retreat). If he does the AOE and goes for the punch, I suggest always dodging a 2nd time after you dodged the punch to dodge the potential 3 hit combo.

I heard his combo's can stagger you to death, I didn't have that problem as he one shot me anyway, but as his attacks are all decently easy to dodge and really really telegraphed, this is in my eyes not a problem.
The AOE attack on Vicious Apocalypse one shotted me, but did not one shot me with spiceroot, so on all other difficulties, it should not, and probably wouldn't one shot without spiceroot either
By Anonymous
I probably died like 20 times in total trying to beat him in the beginning
The first 4 and the first 4 after him enraging were because I didn't know all his moves
atleast 3 were because I wanted see if the helmet came of (because you can see the helmet shatter a bit when you shoot it) or because I tried to find an alternative weakspot.
The last 9, maybe 10 death were all because I just failed a dodge and were all my fault.
This boss feels really fair in my opinion because all attacks are avoidable and there are, in my eyes, no random sudden "Cheat" moves he pulls on you
By Anonymous
i got him with fan of knives but holly cancer *** frozen bs
By Anonymous
Just equip Mantle Of Thorns and RIP
By Anonymous
This exactly, i got my *** handed to me on several attempt as Summoner build. His aoe kills all my minions, and almost all his attack knock u on ur ***, nothing i can do about my minions, but Mantle of Thorns prevents me from getting killed by his 3-hit combo.
By Anonymous
My load out for this:
Leto's Helm & Legs
Warlord Chest
Vulcan's Detonator
Band Of Discord & Blood Font
Pride Of The Iskal
Beam Rifle w/Cold Spear
Claws (for bleed)
By Anonymous
Mine is daredevil charm with machine pistol. Builds don’t help here. Only knowing the moveset does.