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By SimeTears
Seems like the weakness is his tail, but it is hard to confirm 100%.
By Anonymous
His head is weak if you break the mask
By Anonymous
Sum***** hits like a truck.
By Anonymous
Using the spitfire's flamethrower ability and keeping him on 3 stacks is really easy. Explosives also deal full damage through armor e.g. Explosive Shot mod.
By Anonymous
Doing this with heavy armor solo makes me want to neck myself
By Anonymous
Worst boss ever designed. Has imdectructable armor blocking his weak point, insane damage resist l, is the most aggressive boss in the game and attacks so fast you have no chance to recover.
By Anonymous
this boss on survival is PURE 100% AIDS. HOLY ****
By Anonymous
1st round warden skullcracker ... aaaaand goodbye
By Anonymous
Yeah, get hit once and then beaten to a pulp as you can not get up fast enough.
By Anonymous
his attacks are relatively easy to dodge but like... let me heal bro. Just once.
By Anonymous
you can heal after he smashes ground with 2 hands (the hardest one to not get hit)
By Anonymous
WORST.BOSS.DESIGN.EVER. Bring a friend if you don't want to rip out all your hair and waste your time.
100% pure cancer. Not only he's extremely tough due to the fact he hides behind his shields most of the time, you either have to try to break his helmet to do weak spot dmg or have a crit build ready. Not only that but he likes to chain his attacks together and you CAN NOT recover/get back up fast enough to dodge; making him essentially almost a 1 hit kill boss. Unlike other bosses where you died, it's mostly your fault and you can always improve to do better, Obyk feels like a very cheap boss fight design to piss you off
By Anonymous
I agree that this boss is a cancer but its due to lack of attack patterns and high health. Boss is fairly.. no too easy but just with high health. Unless you are just spamming the evade button, you will never get hit.