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Font is super great tbh
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font could be better
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Hi i just started out and have a quick question. If i´m going to do a warlock and mix it with a Gyjankhi, is there a way to get above 15 charisma? or is it even a problem ?
By xarathornx
no it is impossible to get above 15 with gityanki
well you will gimp your spell dmg and spell dc..and 16 charisma is only reachable lvl 4 ... with atttributes
By Anonymous
There is a mod that lets you take an extra asi. I use that bc I don't like to be softlocked into a class bc of the race I choose to play.
By Anonymous
Mods or Cheat Engine
By Anonymous
for charisma, you can get a +1 from Volos Ersatz Eye (just pickpocket him when you meet him in the grove before he goes to the goblins) and/ or from Auntie Ethels hair.

So with that, you can add a total of +2 to your starting cha, and then take a half feat and still read 18
(or increase cha by +1 and any other stat also by +1)
By Anonymous
My character , Gale and Shadowheart in the swamp going to the Twisted Tree Quest, can make the jump from the bridge to the island but cannot jump from the island to the small island to get to the Twisted Tree. It shows they can jump but when I left click to jump they don't. the game is not allowing them to jump but it allows Lae'zel to jump.
By Anonymous
Lae'zel has higher strength, making her jump further.
By Anonymous
On that note, I've noticed that if you are encumbered or carrying a bunch, that will also affect the distance you can jump. You can also try using Lae'zels "jump" ability on another party member.
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By Fexelea
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New details on Update 4 now live! The Early Access Update adds Druid Class to the game and many features and fixes! Patch notes coming when it's out - likely next week
By Anonymous
l bozo ratio druid mf
By Anonymous
When is the full game going to be available?
By Anonymous
August 2023
By Vipera222
Need to remake entire food section bcz of camp update.
By Anonymous
Just recently started playing BD3. Pleased to say it is very close to live role play, it is feeling very realistic. Done three very shorts runs and each time the game has developed totally different, which is cool. Choices and actions really do make a difference. I am really happy to be involved at this stage with the development of this game, and is quite exciting. Hoping that multi play options running dungeons with other players will be total awsum. It is the multi play element, and online co-op playing, maybe eventually friendly pvp might be a future options. Need to play more to give more input. :)