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font is pretty horrible
aswell as the whole layout



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What did you do for this wiki, guys?


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I dig the font
Font is super great tbh
font could be better
Hi i just started out and have a quick question. If i´m going to do a warlock and mix it with a Gyjankhi, is there a way to get above 15 charisma? or is it even a problem ?



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no it is impossible to get above 15 with gityanki
well you will gimp your spell dmg and spell dc..and 16 charisma is only reachable lvl 4 ... with atttributes
There is a mod that lets you take an extra asi. I use that bc I don't like to be softlocked into a class bc of the race I choose to play.
Mods or Cheat Engine
My character , Gale and Shadowheart in the swamp going to the Twisted Tree Quest, can make the jump from the bridge to the island but cannot jump from the island to the small island to get to the Twisted Tree. It shows they can jump but when I left click to jump they don't. the game is not allowing them to jump but it allows Lae'zel to jump.



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New details on Update 4 now live! The Early Access Update adds Druid Class to the game and many features and fixes! Patch notes coming when it's out - likely next week
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