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By Anonymous
2. dmg handling
3. tenacity handling (more stagger on enemies)
4. stake launch (long range shot, like railgun but does literally 4 dmg)
This gun is super usefull to keep enemies staggered while your stamina is recharging. I'm gonna grind the rest of lvl after work ;P
By Anonymous
5. strenght capability (+2 str)
6. foresight cap. (+2 for)
7. gush - low range, held trigger... squirt of red goo, that does close to no dmg and after initial testing seems completly useless
By Anonymous
Cometely useless cause of bug or bad design. Like the mouth of filth it has physical dmg but unlike no additional dmg type. I think it is a bug and should have nihl dmg included but somehow its only pjysical. The stagger is nice but whatever everything staggers unless its a dagger.
By Anonymous
Why nihl dmg? if at all it should be Induction or Energy. But i agree, because physical doesn't scale with Cogn and you can't infuse it with element conductors like melee weapons, it falls of in dmg pretty easily.
By Anonymous
Nihl cause its black lol. Youre right should be more like induction or energy.
By heckpoint
The stagger is more useful in "hard mode".
By Anonymous
Are this and mouth of filth jokes? Not only they require foresight, but they're terrible at dealing any sort of damage. The third skill is just lmao, consumes all your energy for something like 10 damage. Absolutely worthless, you're better off bracing the artillery cannons.
By Anonymous
Useful for the first boss who appears to be weak to induction/fire, which this weapon deals in.
Otherwise the foresight requirement yet cognition scaling seems inefficient. May be worth ranking up and seeing if gush or stake launcher makes this weapon worth the investment.
By Anonymous
Gush and stake launcher are terrible and not worth it.