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If this is an upgrade from Elder Wolf Fang, what happened to the affinity? Does it seriously lose half of it's affinity and get next to nothing in return?
Well its impact phial with some purple and abit more raw. weird charge blade ngl
It's not an upgrade to the basic Barioth weapons. It's it's own entirely separate weapon line.
Also sharpness. 1.32x vs 1.2x for white and has almost no white. Big deal for me since CB drops sharpness like crazy.
It's not an upgrade from the Elder Wolf Fang, it's an upgrade from Weissritter and it changes from Power Phials to Impact Phials and has A LOT of white sharpness and some purple in comparison to both the Elder Wolf Fang and the Weissritter which barely have any white sharpness
"Burgercrusher claw"